The Best Natural Energy Drinks to Beat Morning Grogginess

When you wake up in the morning, you usually know what you need to achieve that day. But getting things done isn’t always possible when you’re fighting morning grogginess and can’t find the energy to do anything. 

Exercising to stay fit, cooking a healthy meal versus eating out, and going the extra mile to achieve career goals all sound nice until you realize you’re running on fumes and the day hasn’t even started. Making it to the bathroom to get ready can even be a challenge, and speaking to the people you live with can be exhausting. 

That’s why it’s important to have energy drinks for a quick boost. However, the type of drink you choose does matter. Without a doubt, natural energy drinks are the best to beat morning grogginess, and they’re also healthier. But today, many people still rely on energy drinks that have unwanted side effects.

Energy drinks you may need to replace 

It’s no secret. Coffee is almost everyone’s secret weapon for more energy. And while coffee isn’t bad and has several science-backed benefits, it’s not a stretch to say that coffee isn’t for everyone. Some people drink it for energy even though they don’t enjoy it, and some individuals actually have genes that make coffee less tolerable.

However, even the people who love coffee need to be careful about how much caffeine they consume. Too much of a good thing is never great, and that rule applies to drinking too much caffeine. In high doses, caffeine can have the following side effects:

  • Insomnia: Studies have shown that consuming high levels of caffeine can affect how long it takes for you to fall asleep. Additionally, research indicates that caffeine reduces your total sleeping time
  •  Anxiety: Research suggests that modest doses of caffeine can increase stress levels and cause rapid breathing. On the other hand, extremely high doses—like 1,000 mg of caffeine or more per day—can lead to jitteriness and nervousness. 
  • Dependency: According to a recent review, caffeine has the power to trigger specific brain chemicals the same way amphetamines and cocaine do, potentially leading to a psychological or physical dependency. A study also suggests that high caffeine users have strong caffeine cravings. 
  • Digestive issues: Coffee has a laxative effect that helps release gastrin, which speeds up activity in your colon. But caffeine also jumpstarts bowel movements by increasing the contractions that move food in your digestive tract. As a result, high levels of caffeine can cause diarrhea and loose stools. 
  • Break down of muscles: Rhabdomyolysis is a serious condition where damaged muscle fibers go into your bloodstream, resulting in kidney failure and other issues. And several studies indicate that overconsuming caffeine can lead to rhabdomyolysis. 

These are just a few side effects of drinking too much coffee. Other adverse effects include high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and fatigue. However, coffee isn’t the only pick-me-up that has a negative side. 

Sugary energy drinks like Red Bull are also just as bad. For years, scientists have analyzed the effects of sugary beverages. And while it’s okay to drink one every so often, regularly relying on them for an energy boost is not a good idea. 

Research suggests that sugary energy drinks can lead to the following: 

  • Heart disease
  • Liver disease
  • Leptin resistance
  • Increased risk of pancreatic cancer
  • Addiction to sugar
  • Gout
  • Tooth decay

These risks aren’t worth drinking energy drinks that contain copious amounts of sugar. If you want to get rid of your morning grogginess and conquer your day, you need to try something different, like natural energy drinks.

8 natural energy drinks to jumpstart your day

With natural energy drinks, you not only get the boost you need, but you also receive health benefits. Energy drinks with natural, responsibly sourced ingredients can enhance your health and wellness while giving you a gentle pick-me-up. 

Additionally, the natural energy drinks in this article also give you mental clarity because they include one key ingredient: CBG. This cannabinoid comes from the hemp plant just like CBD does, and it can help regulate your mood and metabolism while promoting mental clarity. 

Kat’s Naturals’ Metabolize includes this energetic compound and is one of the core ingredients in the natural energy drinks listed in this article. So when looking at the drinks that can jumpstart your morning, don’t forget to buy Metabolize to have everything you need. 

With that being said, here are eight natural energy drinks that you can use to combat morning grogginess and tackle your day. 

1. Turmeric-Ginger Energy Shots

This natural energy drink is packed with benefits. It contains fresh ginger, turmeric, pepper, and lemon, which help your body absorb nutrients. Additionally, this combination increases your energy and boosts your immune system, primarily given turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties and ginger’s supposed ability to decrease blood pressure. Throw in a few drops of Metabolize, and you’ll also receive mental clarity. 

2. Breakfast Energy Smoothie

A rejuvenating breakfast energy smoothie infused with Metabolize is a great way to start your day. This natural energy drink includes orange juice, berries, and yogurt, which provide natural sugars to boost your energy levels. 

3. Cherry Lemonade Energy Drink

If you want a natural energy drink that tastes like cherry lemonade but has green tea and coconut water, this beverage is perfect for you. The green tea and coconut water work together to increase your energy. And with the addition of Metabolize, you’ll also clear your mental fog. 

4. Coconut Cranberry Water

This drink only has two primary ingredients outside of the CBG in Metabolize, meaning it’s super easy to create at home. All you need is coconut water and low-sugar cranberry juice. Both of these will not only help provide energy, but they’ll also give you a great dose of vitamins. 

5. Green Machine 

Maybe you want to consume your leafy greens early in the morning. If so, the Green Machine is the perfect natural energy drink. It contains kale, spinach, parsley, cucumbers, and celery stalks. 

These green vegetables have high levels of chlorophyll that oxygenate your blood, which helps boost your energy. Add Metabolize into the mix, and you’ll also enjoy a significant brain boost. 

6. Super Energy Drink 

The Super Energy Drink contains several nourishing ingredients. It blends honey, coconut milk, flaxseed, and yogurt, a powerful combination that helps boost stamina and energy. And when you include Metabolize, you also experience increased focus alongside those benefits. 

7. Cocoa Energy Drink

If you’re a chocolate lover, this may be the natural energy drink for you. This beverage contains milk, a ripe banana, chocolate, and a tiny bit of sugar. The milk is geared to provide stamina, while the banana and chocolate have minerals that you can easily lose when exercising. Also, don’t forget to add a few drops of Metabolize to get the clarity you need to tackle your day. 

8. Layered Mixed-Berry Green Power Smoothie

This smoothie is another energy drink with amazing natural ingredients. It contains various fruits and veggies to increase energy and a vanilla protein powder that promotes stamina. All of that, combined with the focus you get from Metabolize, will lead to a productive and joyful day. 

Start your day naturally 

With so many natural energy drinks, you don’t need to keep relying on coffee or sugary beverages to combat morning grogginess. Of course, you don’t have to eliminate these drinks completely from your diet. But if you’re looking for alternatives or simply want to avoid the side effects of high amounts of caffeine and sugary drinks, then take the natural route every morning. 

For the best results from your natural energy drinks, buy Kat’s Naturals’ Metabolize. It’s organic, vegan, sustainably sourced, and third-party lab tested.

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