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Kat’s Naturals sells an array of premium CBD products that are
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CBD Products By Category

Full Spectrum CBD & CBD For Dogs

Restore - CBD Sublingual

A classic peppermint flavor

Restore promotes healthy respiratory function, clear breathing, and digestive health. Buy your bottle of Restore today for a potent and popular full spectrum CBD sublingual oil!

Balance - CBD Sublingual

Our flagship Full Spectrum formula

Kat’s Naturals’ Balance is a customer favorite. A soothing full spectrum CBD sublingual oil, this remedy includes 750 mg of CBD per ounce and multiple cannabinoids from the hemp plant. 

Pet Care CBD Oil

For your furry friends

Enhance your pet’s quality of life with 300 mg of CBD! A hypoallergenic and additive-free remedy, Pet Care is a potent, therapeutic, and ready to uplift your pet’s health and body. 

CBD Creams & CBD Chocolate

Capsaicin CBD Cream

A heat inducing blend of CBD

Great at enhancing circulation in your body, CBD Cream with Capsaicin is a customer favorite! Use this CBD topical pre or post-workout to uplift and soothe your body. 

Arnica CBD Cream

A vitamin packed relief cream

CBD Cream with Arnica packs 350 mg of CBD and essential oils to help relieve pain in your hips, joints, and muscles. Encounter relaxation and comfort by buying this top-selling CBD topical today!

70% organic cocoa

Hemp edibles are an easy and tasty way to ingest the cannabinoids from the hemp plant.  Hemp edibles range from CBD chocolate bars to cookies to other fun, flavorful treats that you and your family will enjoy.


Creating Kat’s Naturals is my way of telling the world that they have natural health options that they can trust. Our company is dedicated to making a positive impact by formulating the best organic CBD products to achieve our customers’ health and lifestyle goals every single time they use them. 

Committed to crafting high-quality remedies that the CBD industry desperately needs, we not only source the best ingredients, equipment, and facilities, but we also work with the most skilled and passionate team, vendors, retail partners, and farmers. At Kat’s Naturals, we deliver organic CBD products that are formulated with diligence and care to guarantee that all of our remedies are infused with healthful and restorative nutrients that are sure to make a difference. 

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