Can I take this if I have drug tests?

Yes, we have 4 products you can use. Our Heal, Metabolize, Relax and any of the creams. Drug tests are testing for thc, so if you are using cbd only products, there is a 0% chance of failing the test. They are all are thc free. Our Full Spectrum prodcuts, like Restore and Balance are NOT drug test safe.

What would you recommend for anxiety?

Heal or Relax, may help, depending on severity.

What is the best cbd for swollen joints?

Our capsaicin cream is reported to help with joints. You may also want to use one of our sublinguals, like Heal. That way you may help to combat the pain from the inside and out.

What would you recommend for chronic pain?

Heal is a customer favorite that may help with chronic pain. Our Restore is also a great choice. The difference being the Heal is thc free where the Restore has trace amounts of thc.

What is the difference between Heal and Restore?

Heal is a thc free formula that is an isolate, where Restore is a full spectrum product that has trace amounts of thc.

What would you recommend for sleep?

Heal if you regularly have trouble falling or staying asleep and Relax if you just need to relax enough to go to sleep.

What is the best product for numbness in limbs?

Heal and capsaicin cream may help with numbness. Capsaicin may help with circulation which may help get blood flow to affected areas. They can either be used together or on their own.

How many mg. per tsp with edible hemp flowers?

The answer is 28 mg. Per tsp.

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