Fhenix CBD Skin Care

Backed by 10 years of extensive research, product development, and trial use, the Fhenix Skin Care line offers the industry’s first anti-aging skincare products that marry high-end beauty care and organic CBD, for a natural radiance and glow.

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Our organic skincare products breathe new life into every pore to help everyone embrace their natural beauty.

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With exotic essential oils and botanical stem cells, our products may restore the skin to its natural glow.

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Our skincare line is suitable for every complexion and offers an irresistible light-weight touch.

Define what it means to come alive

Infused with Organic CBD and 39 of the purest and most natural ingredients from around the world, our Fhenix CBD Skin Care line may help slow down the aging process. Our products could revive women’s skin without creating a dry, brittle surface that’s caked with chemicals. Inspired by the Phoenix, a mythical bird known for its unique ability to rebirth, the Fhenix CBD Skin Care line offers a natural opportunity for women to revive their skin and live with an enchanting glow.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is 250 mg of organic CBD in the day, night, and 150mg in the eye cream. Our organic CBD face-mask has 10 mg of organic CBD in it.

Plant stem cells have a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, helping to protect you against sun damage and prevent wrinkles. We use them in our skin creams for that reason. 

Our CBD skincare products are specially formulated with sensitivities in mind. We understand that starting a new skincare regime can cause temporary blemishes as your skin adjusts. However, we have tried to mitigate that effect by using only the purest, natural ingredients with no known side effects. 

You may want to try a patch test first if you have extremely sensitive skin. If you develop an allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately.

We use ingredients that are suitable for any skin type, although most of our customers have reported having dry or combination skin types.

You may want to try a patch test first if you have extremely sensitive skin. If you develop an allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately.

We made our eye creams so that you can use it in conjunction with other skincare products. We have purposely chosen ingredients that are hypoallergenic and able to enhance the beneficial effects of the other natural skin products you use.

Yes! Our Daytime cream is formulated to provide a clean powder finish that’s meant to be used underneath your makeup. We also suggest using 2 drops of Kat’s Naturals’ skin serum in your foundation for a beautiful, bright complexion.

Absolutely! The best time to begin is before you start to show signs of aging. Dermatologists agree that it’s impossible to reverse aging. However, you can slow it down by protecting and taking care of your skin with natural products that provide replenishing and restorative effects to maintain your skin’s glow.

You may not know this, but a lot of ingredients in lotions and skincare products include petroleum bases and carcinogenic chemical compounds. Most moisturizers also work by stealing the moisture from your own body, which, over time, can accelerate the aging process. Natural ingredients that are chosen to work with your natural oils and cellular makeup will enhance your beauty without introducing your skin — the largest organ of your body — to harmful agents.

We formulate our skincare products so that they last a year or more. Our creams also come in airless pumps to keep outside bacteria from being introduced.

Most of the CBD skincare brands today do not care what ingredients they use in their products, preferring to choose low-cost fillers and chemical alternatives versus a natural approach to beauty. The CBD skincare products currently on the market also typically include oils and emulsifiers that don’t lead to a smooth, luxurious product. The Fhenix Skin Care line, however, combines the best of luxury skincare and CBD into one product line.

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