CBD Chocolates

Delicious and effective, our organic CBD chocolates and organic activated hemp contain all-natural ingredients that your body needs. Taking advantage of the hemp plant, we’ve combined multiple cannabinoids with other nutrients to ensure you experience CBD chocolates and activated hemp that offer all of the benefits of CBD. 

These types of organic CBD products are great for those who don’t want to hold CBD oil underneath their tongue. With our organic CBD chocolates, organic hemp edibles and their therapeutic properties, you can ingest organic CBD and experience relief in a way that’s comfortable and delicious.

CBD Chocolates & Edibles
  • CBN Gummy

    Zen CBN Gummies

    Enter a state of deep relaxation with Kat’s Naturals’  Zen CBN Gummies! Powerful and therapeutic, these organic CBN Gummies include 25 mg of CBN in each fruit flavored gummy. 

  • Support THC/CBD Gummies

    Get the Support you need! Support your body and mind with these 30mg Full Spectrum CBD 5mg THC naturally fruit flavored gummies.

  • Professional Strength CBD Capsules

    Offering a high absorption rate, Professional Strength CBD Capsules are packed with high levels of CBD and nutrients for your body to absorb. Unlock nearly 100% of CBD with these potent and therapeutic capsules.

  • Hemp White Chocolate CBD

    Have a bite of Hemp White CBD Chocolate for a potent dose of cannabinoids and a sweet, peppermint taste. An effective full spectrum hemp edible, Hemp White Chocolate provides nourishment that your body needs in a flavor you’ll love.

  • Hemp Dark Chocolate CBD

    Experience the benefits of the hemp plant with this tasty chocolate edible! With decarboxylated hemp and 70% organic cocoa, Hemp Dark Chocolate is both nourishing and delicious. 

  • Activated Hemp

    Get creative with Activated Hemp! Perfect if you want to make smoothies, granola, or fun baked goods, Activated Hemp is a customer favorite designed to meet your health needs in unique ways.


    Activated Hemp


CBD Chocolates & Activated Hemp-
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Organic Dark Chocolate CBD?

Crafted with organic activated hemp, our organic CBD edible blends the benefits of organic CBD with dark chocolate, ensuring you experience relief and a delicious snack. Our organic Dark Chocolate CBD includes 70% organic cocoa and multiple cannabinoids from the hemp plant.

Formulated to enhance your immune, digestive, and emotional health, our organic CBD edible is one of the most versatile and best organic CBD products on the market.

What cannabinoids are in the organic CBD Dark Chocolate?

Taking advantage of the hemp plant, we’ve included various cannabinoids in our organic CBD edible, including: 


Known as the mother cannabinoid, CBDA is the precursor to CBD. It’s a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, and research suggests that it has many therapeutic properties. Studies indicate that CBDA is more effective at relieving nausea and vomiting than THC or CBD. The cannabinoid also has anti-inflammatory properties and antiproliferative effects.


As one of the most popular cannabinoids in the hemp plant, the benefits of organic CBD are becoming well known as organic CBD products spring up in the market. Research indicates that organic CBD is excellent at reducing depression and anxiety. But researchers believe the cannabinoid has more relieving properties. By interacting with the receptors in your endocannabinoid system, organic CBD may reportedly help decrease pain, alleviate cancer-related symptoms, prevent acne, enhance heart health, and more. 


Another one of the known cannabinoids in the hemp plant, CBCA is a precursor to CBC. Researchers are still discovering more about CBCA, but some studies conclude that CBCA can shrink tumors in mice within weeks. Studies also indicate that CBCA may decrease the growth of breast cancer tumors and prevents them from spreading. 


Responsible for providing a psychoactive effect, large amounts of THC can provide a “high” sensation. Our organic CBD products — including all of our organic CBD edibles — have trace amounts of THC in them. Research suggests that this cannabinoid may offer therapeutic effects on pain, insomnia, nausea, anxiety, and more.


As a wonderful bone stimulant, CBDV may help enable bone growth and reduces nausea. Researchers also discovered that CBDV may help with epilepsy and a vast number of other neurological conditions. What makes CBDV even more therapeutic is that it develops anticonvulsant and anti-epileptic properties when it interacts with organic CBD. 


Infused with anti-inflammatory effects, CBG encourages healthy digestion and may reduce inflammation that researchers link to IBS, IBD, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease. Research also suggests that CBG has antibacterial, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties, allowing it to fight off infections that many drugs can’t overcome.

What terpenes and ingredients are in organic Dark Chocolate CBD?

Outside of the several cannabinoids in our organic  Dark Chocolate CBD, our organic CBD edible also contains multiple terpenes, including b-caryophyllene, a-bisabolol, humulene, nerolidol-trans, myrcene, and guaiol. 

It also includes sweet and delicious ingredients like organic cane sugar, organic cocoa liquor, natural cocoa powder, organic cocoa butter, and activated hemp.

What is organic CBD White Chocolate?

Formulated with organic premium white chocolate, this type of CBD remedy offers another great way to experience the benefits of activated hemp. Unlike our organic Dark Chocolate CBD, this CBD edible contains milk, soy, and peppermint white chocolate, guaranteeing you receive a delicious and therapeutic experience! 

We crafted our organic CBD White Chocolate to boost your emotional, immune, and digestive health so that you may encounter a better quality of life using one of our best organic CBD edibles.

What cannabinoids are in the organic CBD White Chocolate?

As with the other organic CBD products in our line of CBD edibles, our organic CBD White Chocolate contains several therapeutic cannabinoids, such as: 


As the precursor to CBD and other cannabinoids, CBDA is the mother of cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Studies indicate that the non-psychoactive compound is excellent at alleviating vomiting and nausea, and it’s more effective at doing this than CBD or THC. Researchers also believe that CBDA includes antiproliferative and anti-inflammatory effects. 


Like CBDA, this cannabinoid is a precursor to another cannabinoid in the hemp plant. After decarboxylation, CBCA breaks down to CBC. Researchers need to conduct more studies to discover the benefits of this cannabinoid, but several studies suggest some of its effects. Currently, research indicates that CBCA may reduce the size of breast cancer tumors and shrink tumors in mice within weeks. 


With so many CBD products on the market, CBD has garnered an abundance of attention. As an intriguing cannabinoid in the hemp plant, researchers are continuously learning the benefits of organic CBD. Currently, studies indicate that organic CBD has the power to possibly boost heart health and relieve anxiety, depression, pain, acne, cancer-related symptoms, and more. 


Researchers have discovered several therapeutic effects of THC. While large amounts of THC can lead to a psychoactive effect, trace amounts of the cannabinoid may help mitigate anxiety, insomnia, pain, and more. Our organic CBD White Chocolate only includes .087% of THC, allowing you to experience relief without any psychoactive effects. 


Like many cannabinoids in the hemp plant, THCa is a precursor to THC. This cannabinoid does not provide any psychoactive effects like THC and has many therapeutic properties. Studies suggest that THCa has anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative, neuroprotective, and antiemetic effects. 


By boosting bone growth and decreasing nausea, CBDV is a great bone stimulant. Researchers also believe that CBDV may mitigate epilepsy, help alleviate several neurological conditions, and interact with CBD to offer anti-epileptic and anticonvulsant properties. 


Researchers discovered that CBG decreases inflammation associated with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, IBD, and IBS. Along with its anti-inflammatory properties, research indicates that CBG has antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial effects, giving it the power to combat infections.

What terpenes and other ingredients are in the CBD White Chocolate?

Similar to all of our CBD products, our Hemp White Chocolate contains several nourishing ingredients. This hemp edible includes premium organic white chocolate, organic peppermint extract, milk, soy, and activated hemp.

We also used several terpenes to create our CBD White Chocolate, including myrcene, humulene, b-caryophyllene, guaiol, a-bisabolol, and nerolidol-trans.

What is organic CBD Activated Hemp?

Highly regarded on Trustpilot, our organic CBD Activated Hemp is a natural remedy and solution for those who want to get creative with how they ingest organic CBD edibles. You can use our Activated Hemp for smoothies, baked foods, granola, and more!

What ingredients are in the organic CBD Activated Hemp?

We combined coconut oil and full spectrum organic hemp to create a therapeutic blend of organic CBD Activated Hemp.

How often should you ingest Kat’s Naturals’ organic CBD edibles?

As with all of our CBD products, our organic CBD edibles are safe for daily use. The most important thing to consider is how you preserve your hemp edibles to ensure you don’t change its chemical composition or make it expire.

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