CBD Free Organic Herbal Tinctures

Encounter a new way to experience relief with our CBD free organic herbal tinctures! These organic remedies include ingredients from time-honored herbal traditions and Kat’s herbal notebook, which offers successful formulas that have improved people’s quality of life for over 15 years. Each CBD free organic herbal tincture in this product line pairs well with one of our CBD oils, allowing you to experience maximum relief and potent results. Restore your health and body today by purchasing a CBD free organic herbal tincture!

  • Harmony Organic Herbal Tincture

    Encounter relief from the inside out with this potent CBD free organic herbal tincture! Harmony improves your body’s response to everyday stress and strengthens your immune system, allowing you to feel your best.  

    From: $11.25 every 2 months

    Harmony Organic Herbal Tincture

    From: $11.25 every 2 months
  • Breathe Organic Herbal Tincture

    Breathe is a potent CBD free organic herbal tincture that helps clear out a persistent cough. To soothe your lungs, expel mucus, and ease the urge to cough, purchase Breathe today to get back your comfort!

  • Clarity Organic Herbal Tincture

    Sharpen your mind and clear mental fog with Clarity! Infused with herbs that help your brain keep up with today’s fast-paced and digitally connected world, buy this CBD free organic herbal tincture today to enhance your mental strength. 

  • Immunity Organic Herbal Tincture

    Effective and potent, Immunity includes multiple herbs that strengthen and protect your immune system. For a CBD free organic herbal tincture full of essential amino acids, vitamins, and more, buy Immunity today to boost your body’s health.

  • Calm Organic Herbal Tincture

    Soothing and gentle, Calm combines time-honored herbs that help ease tension and stress so that you can unwind. Relax your mind and body by purchasing this stress-relieving CBD free organic herbal tincture today!

  • Recover Organic Herbal Tincture

    Fend off the cold and flu with Recover! This CBD free organic herbal tincture helps reduce symptoms and encourages quick improvement so that you operate at your best. Buy a bottle of Recover today to start strengthening your immune system!

  • Rise Organic Herbal Tincture

    Formulated with women’s unique system in mind, Rise offers multiple nutrients that women need during their monthly cycle. Potent and effective, buy this CBD free organic herbal tincture today to strengthen and restore your mind and body during your menstrual cycle. 


CBD Free Organic Herbal Tinctures -
Frequently Asked Questions

What are herbs?

Herbs are the main ingredients in CBD free organic tinctures. They originate from leaves, barks, flowers, and roots that are extracted in alcohol or glycerin. Famous examples of herbs are lavender, chamomile, basil, oregano, and rosemary. 

Typically, you ingest herbs by drinking herbal tea, taking a decoction, swallowing a capsule, or using a tincture. All of these methods are wonderful ideas, so the mechanism you use will depend on personal preference. However, herbal tinctures tend to produce the best results. A few drops of a tincture will provide quicker and stronger relief because the herbs go directly into your bloodstream.

How do herbs work?

Naturopathic (herbal) medicine is a time-honored tradition that uses natural substances such as herbs and vitamins to promote healing. Those who offer herbal medicine see the body as a whole entity. When a disease is in the body, herbal practitioners consider the mind, body, and spirit as part of the origin of the problem. And therefore, they look to treat the entire mind, body, and spirit to restore health. 

Herbal medicine, also known as phytomedicine, relies on different parts of the plant. It includes extracted active constituents to aid in the body’s healing process. And herbs contain a significant number of naturally occurring chemicals that have some form of biological (active) principles. 

What’s also interesting is that herbs work similarly to pharmaceuticals. In fact, quite a few pharmaceutical medicines stem from herbs. Aspirin is extracted from white willow bark. Quinine comes from cinchona tree bark. And opium comes from poppies. 

These pharmaceuticals only use one part of the plant’s makeup to treat ailments, but this often leads to unwanted side effects. Herbal medicine, on the other hand, treats conditions using the full plant, which can stave off side effects due to all the parts of the plant working together. 

Herbs help the body heal itself. However, it’s good to note that herbs should be used with care. Overconsumption of some herbs can cause uncomfortable effects such as nausea or vomiting and they may interact with some medications.

What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens combat various types of external stressors that your body can’t handle on its own, including environmental pollution, radiation, climate change, interpersonal disharmony, and infectious diseases. 

They are excellent ingredients in CBD free organic herbal tinctures because adaptogens work to reduce stress on your adrenal glands. When this function happens, adaptogens lower the amount of cortisol and endorphins in your body. And by decreasing stress hormones, your adrenal glands reduce production and help your body heal and maintain balance.

How do Adaptogens work?

Adaptogens train your body to respond well to stress. For example, think about exercise. 

When you work out, you put your body and muscles under intense stress and tension. However, if you start to exercise regularly, your body and muscles begin to adapt and respond well to the stress. This process also applies to adaptogens.

When you ingest these organic remedies, your body learns to positively react to the effects of external stressors. By interacting with your sympathoadrenal system and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, adaptogens impact your hormone production and physiological responses to stress. They assist your body — including your immune system, mind, and energy levels — in functioning properly.

Why should you pair CBD oil with CBD free organic herbal tinctures?

You should have a complete natural pharmacy to experience maximum relief and enhance your health. Your body needs multiple nutrients to function properly, and this is especially true if you don’t prioritize great nutrition. 

By combining CBD oil with organic herbal tinctures, you can encounter the benefits of the hemp plant and the advantages of herbs and adaptogens. For example, when herbs and CBD oil work together, they strengthen your immune system and relieve pain. Similarly, when adaptogens and CBD oil combine, they optimize your health and wellness so that your body responds well to external stress. 

Together, CBD oil and herbal tinctures provide the nutrients that your body needs to improve your quality of life.

What are the benefits of using Harmony?

Harmony is full of therapeutic herbs and adaptogens that help your body combat daily stress and improve your immune system. This herbal tincture provides ingredients that reduce stress, encourage healthy sleep patterns, and increase clean energy.  

It also pairs well with Kat’s Naturals’ Balance, a full spectrum CBD sublingual oil that encourages equilibrium and homeostasis in your body. Encounter the benefits of herbal tinctures by grabbing your bottle of Harmony today.

How does Calm increase your quality of life?

Calm is a gentle tonic that soothes and restores your body, allowing you to unwind during or after a hard day. Potent and relaxing, this CBD free organic herbal tincture helps you get the rest you need while gently repairing your nerves. 

Calm combines perfectly with Kat’s Naturals’ Relax, a THC free CBD oil that may provide a more therapeutic and complete experience. Infused with herbs that unleash tranquility and comfort, use Calm if you want to encounter peace regularly. The benefits of herbal tinctures such as Calm will leave you feeling well rested and peaceful.

Why is Recover a therapeutic remedy?

Powerful and effective, Recover helps decrease cold and flu symptoms. It includes immune-boosting herbs that provide antioxidant, anti-microbial, antipyretic, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. 

Designed to combine well Kat’s Naturals’ Restore, you can use this CBD free organic herbal tincture with a full spectrum CBD extract to encounter an enhanced experience. Unleash the benefits of herbal tinctures by purchasing Recover today.

What relief can Breathe offer your body?

Breathe offers therapeutic relief by helping your body clear out pesky and persistent coughs. Soothing and gentle, Breathe decreases the need to cough by breaking it up and moving it out of your body. This CBD free herbal tincture is infused with ingredients that work to expel mucus, suppress coughs, and relax your lungs. 

You can maximize Breathe’s effect by pairing it with Kat’s Naturals’ Naked, a THC free CBD sublingual oil that’s a customer favorite. Buy Breathe today if you want to encounter comfort and relieve a troubling cough. The benefits of herbal tinctures such as Breathe will help you feel and operate at your best.

How does Immunity help your quality of life?

Formulated to enhance your health, Immunity is an herbal tincture that strengthens your immune system. The herbs in this formula provide vitamins, boost digestive function, contain essential amino acids, and carry antioxidant properties. 

To boost Immunity’s effect, you can pair it with Kat’s Naturals’ Heal, a best-selling THC free CBD oil. Or, you can use this powerful organic herbal tincture on its own. Start experiencing the benefits of herbal tinctures by boosting your health with a bottle of Immunity.

Why is Rise a soothing organic herbal tincture?

Rise is a unique remedy that was crafted with a woman’s body in mind. A potent female tonic, Rise is a CBD free organic herbal tincture that strengthens women’s bodies during their monthly cycles.

Rise works great with Kat’s Naturals’ Skin Serum, which may help alleviate dry skin, personal dryness, and problem skin that might result from hormonal imbalance and menopause. The ingredients in Rise also help regulate stress levels, contain multiple vitamins, relieve inflammation, improve reproductive functions, and combat PMS symptoms. 

The benefits of organic herbal tinctures such as Rise will help increase women’s quality of life. Buy Rise today if you’re a woman who wants to encounter comfort during their menstrual cycle.

What is the purpose of using Clarity?

A powerful and effective CBD free organic herbal tincture, Clarity sharpens your mind while reducing mental fog. It includes brain-boosting herbs that help enhance your recall, recognition, memory, reaction time, attention, concentration, mood, and energy levels. 

A great match with Kat’s Naturals’ Metabolize, you can pair this organic herbal tincture with the THC free CBD oil to encounter enhanced effects. Or, you can use Clarity on its own and still experience its energetic properties. 

Start unlocking the benefits of herbal tinctures by purchasing a bottle of Clarity to help you perform better throughout the day.

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