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Encounter relaxation with a calming CBD sublingual oil that customers love. Soothing and therapeutic, Relax combines CBD with wild orange and hops essential oil to help relieve stress and tension.

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A gentle extract formula fused with hops and wild orange essential oil to soothe an overly active mind and promote feelings of relaxation.

Gentle and therapeutic, Kat’s Naturals’ Relax combines CBD and wild orange and hops essential oil to help alleviate tension, anxiety, and stress. This THC free CBD sublingual oil is drug test safe. Relax doesn’t include any cannabinoids other than CBD to ensure you experience the full benefit of CBD alone. Eager to provide a powerful, organic remedy that soothes your mind, Kat’s Naturals also used various terpenes in Relax, including limonene, myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, alpha-humulene, alpha-pinene, and linalool to enhance CBD’s relieving effect. For an organic way to unwind, buy using a bottle of Relax today.

Does CBD relieve symptoms of stress?

Some studies suggest that CBD may help reduce symptoms of stress. While research on CBD is ongoing, scientists are discovering that the cannabinoid may have the ability to help relieve feelings of anxiety and stress.


Critical CO2 Extracted CBD from American Grown Organic Hemp, CO2 Extracted Organic Hops Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Sustainably Sourced Organic Wild Orange Essential Oil

Why these ingredients?

Hops Oil:

The main ingredient. Hops Oil is the ingredient responsible for providing the “relaxing” effect this product is known for.

Hemp Seed Oil:

We choose hemp seed oil because it contains Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids and is also high in vitamin A and E.

Extraction Method: Cold pressed from seeds.

Wild Orange Essential Oil:

High in Monoterpenes, Wild Orange possesses stimulating and purifying qualities making it ideal to support healthy immune function. It is uplifting to the mind and body.

Contains Limonene terpene.

Extraction Method: Steam distilled from peels.




Limonene, Myrcene, beta-Caryophyllene, alpha-Humulene, alpha-Pinene, Linalool

Serving Size 

Currently, there isn’t a recommended serving size for CBD. Several variables can influence the amount of CBD that you should take, including your diet, environment, weight, genetics, metabolism, and the purpose of the remedy. We recommend starting with the smallest serving size and increasing it based on your experience. If you feel relief with a smaller serving size, continue to use that amount. But if you’d like to experience more relief, you can increase your serving size. Studies recommend that you increase your serving size every 3-4 weeks to process how your current serving size is impacting you. We also encourage you to write down how your CBD serving size is affecting you. This routine will provide insight into how different CBD serving sizes have helped you.

Safe for daily use


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