What to Do When Your Worries Keep You Awake

What to Do When Your Worries Keep You Awake 

It’s 3:30 in the morning, and you can’t believe you’re still awake. You set your phone back onto your nightstand and roll over in bed to face your bedroom window. You stare at it, aimlessly and hopeless. 

This is the sixth day in a row that you haven’t been able to sleep, and you’re starting to feel the consequences of insomnia in full force. This week has been miserable for you. 

You can’t focus at work. You can’t hold a decent conversation with friends. And you barely have enough strength to stay awake when you drive to and from work. If you’re honest, you’re surprised you haven’t gotten into a car accident yet. You’ve almost fallen asleep behind the wheel twice within the last four days. 

Thank goodness nothing bad has happened yet. Besides, a car accident would be the last thing you need. You already have too much to worry about. Your mind is full of stress and worry. 

The pitfalls of work-related stress

Sighing, you turn onto your back and stare at the ceiling. You think about all of the things that keep you awake at night, and your job is the first thought that pops into your mind. 

It’s almost the end of Q4, and you’re nowhere near close to hitting your sales goals. Usually, you’re one of the best salespeople in the company, but you haven’t performed well in Q4 or Q3, and you wonder why you can’t get it together. Are you not conversational enough? Are you not persuasive enough? Are you not focusing on the product’s benefits?

What if you can’t pull it together? If you don’t hit your sales numbers, what will your boss say? You work in a results-driven environment. You either meet your goals, or you’re out. No exceptions. No excuses. No moving to a different position. You have to do the job well, but for the past few months, you’ve sucked at yours. What if you get fired? 

Living under a financial strain

Frowning, you wonder what your spouse will say. That’s another thing that keeps you up at night. You haven’t opened up about your struggles at work. You’re supposed to be the one in the family who has it all together. 

Your spouse and kids always commend you for looking so “calm, cool, and collected” in the midst of a storm. You can’t let them see you break down. Plus, how are you supposed to explain that you all might have to live on a single income?

Things are already tight. Your three kids are apart of expensive soccer clubs and attend one of the best private schools in the state. You also have credit card debt that you have to pay off, and your mortgage bill is killing you. 

The last thing you need to do right now is to lose your job. But if you can’t even fall asleep at night, how can you expect to perform the way you need to? 

How to make sleep come easy

When 5:30 a.m. rolls around, your alarm goes off, waking up you and your spouse. Sluggishly, you get out of bed and follow your spouse into the bathroom to get ready. But instead of reaching for your toothbrush, you stare at yourself in the bathroom mirror. 

Slumping, you notice how awful you look. There are dark circles underneath your eyes. Your skin is dull and covered with acne. Your hair is greasy and flat. Have you even washed it this week? You know you haven’t showered daily.

Noticing your blank stare in the bathroom mirror, your spouse asks you what’s wrong. You swallow hard, wondering what to say, but you decide to not delve into everything just yet. You don’t know how to explain all of your worries, but you do admit that you have trouble sleeping lately. 

You explain how you toss and turn throughout the night, even though your spouse hasn’t noticed one bit. Your partner sleeps like a brick regardless of how hard or easy their day was. Why can’t you be like that?

Wrapping you into their arms, your spouse suggests a solution: use the CBD oil that’s in the drawer. You roll your eyes, wondering how that could help. You still think CBD and THC are the same things, so you don’t want any part of your spouse’s CBD oil. 

Seeing the hesitant look on your face, your spouse re-explains CBD and why it’s different than what you believe it to be. Then, your spouse challenges you to use the CBD oil before you go to bed, and he puts the bottle on your nightstand in case you need it throughout the night. You shrug your shoulders, giving in to your spouse’s request. 

Making CBD a part of your nightly routine

Come nighttime, when you’re tucking yourself into bed, you use the CBD oil. You hand it to your spouse, who passes it right back to you once they’re done.

“Keep it on your nightstand tonight,” your spouse tells you. “Remember, you can use it if you wake up.”

Reluctant, you nod slowly before you both turn off your lamps. Twenty minutes later, you drift off to sleep but wake up a little later. You grab your phone to see what time it is. Shocked, your jaw drops. It’s 3 a.m.? You’ve slept for six hours straight? You haven’t done that this whole week!

Surprised, you put down your phone and immediately grab the CBD oil. You don’t want to give your mind any time to worry. If you stay up for too long, you know you’ll start to think about work and your finances. 

Quickly, you place a few drops of the CBD oil underneath your tongue and settle back into bed. As you lie there, you feel excited and relieved that sleep will come easy. You plan to use CBD oil every night now. In fact, before you go back to bed, you reach over to grab your phone. 

You set an alarm for 9 p.m. and smile, knowing you’ll always get a reminder to take your CBD. Finally, you can get some sleep every night. 

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