Understanding a CBG oil starts with learning about cannabigerol (CBG). Known as the mother of all cannabinoids, this compound is responsible for breaking down into multiple cannabinoids that are in cannabis, including CBD. 

High levels of CBG are usually non-existent in most strains. Sometimes, it comprises less than 1% of a strain’s chemical makeup. However, farmers have discovered ways to gain higher yields of CBG. 

When present at high levels, CBG may offer therapeutic relief. Research suggests that it may reduce intraocular pressure in the eyes, decrease inflammation in the gut, protect neurons in the body, and fight methicillin-resistant bacteria conditions.

While researchers still need to conduct more studies, CBG is showing promise. Its potential has inspired Kat’s Naturals to formulate CBG oil products.

Boost your energy with CBG! An uplifting, highly potent concentrate that’s formulated for maximum vitality, this sublingual provides mental clarity and liveliness so that you move powerfully throughout your day. Buy Energy CBG Concentrate today to put a little pep in your step!


Jump-start your day with the energetic properties of CBD, CBG, and humulene! Designed to boost energy, Metabolize is a bold blend that helps you achieve your goals.  


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Frequently Asked Questions

A powerful and uplifting blend, the Energy CBG Concentrate boosts your vitality to give you an extra pep in your step. This energizing formula includes potent levels of CBG, which encourages mental clarity and liveliness.

The Energy CBG Concentrate only includes CBG, ensuring you fully encounter the cannabinoids’ energetic and uplifting properties.

The Energy CBG Concentrate contains zero essential oils.

Shake well before use. Place and hold 3 drops under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing. Or, use 1 mg per dose and 15 minutes between doses to find your perfect dose.

Now with CBG and humulene, Metabolize is a THC free organic CBD sublingual that’ll give you an early morning or midday boost of energy! Created to achieve your goals, our high-quality organic CBD product includes a lineup of therapeutic ingredients. 

Metabolize has healthy levels of humulene, which is a natural appetite suppressant. It has 500 mg of CBD and 500 mg of CBG, which is 1,000 mg total. Metabolize also includes 33.32 mg of CBD and CBG total per ml and 1.66 mg of CBD and CBG per drop. 

The CBG in our sublingual oil will help regulate your metabolism and mood and encourage mental clarity. The organic CBD will assist in muscle recovery and help reject induced stressors.

Metabolize is drug-test safe. It has zero traces of THC. 

With 12 terpenes and many essential oils such as grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger root, and cinnamon, Metabolize is a THC free sublingual oil that includes vital nutrients your body needs to stay energized.

With this THC free organic CBD sublingual, you can safely receive an extra pep in your step every day of the week. To experience its restorative power, shake the product before you use it. Then, place 5 to 10 drops underneath your tongue for no more than 60 seconds.

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