How to Talk to Your Child’s Pediatrician About CBD

How to Talk to Your Child’s Pediatrician About CBD

You lead your son into the doctor’s office, still uneasy about your visit. You’ve been anxious about coming here all week, and you can’t help but blame your best friend for your nerves. 

She was the one who said the pediatrician wouldn’t let your son use any CBD. It’s your best friend’s fault for making you so discouraged. Why does she always have to be so negative? Your friend knows how desperate you are for the pediatrician to approve of CBD. 

You don’t want your son to use pills for his behavior anymore. The side effects are awful. You need your son to transition to something more natural, and so far, CBD seems like the best solution. If your son’s pediatrician disapproves, you’ll be devastated. 

When you finish filling out the paperwork for your son, you hand the material to the office assistant, then shuffle back to your seat. A few minutes later, your son’s name is called. It’s time to head inside the examining room. 

Why your doctor might disapprove of CBD

As the medical assistant leads you and your son through a couple of hallways, your mind starts to think about all of your best friend’s comments. 

Your pediatrician is going to say CBD is a bunch of hooey. 

Doctors don’t believe in CBD. They think the quality is bad. 

Your son’s doctor will say no. That’s what my daughter’s pediatrician said. 

A nervous cramp sits in your stomach as you and your son walk into an examining room. As usual, you answer the medical assistant’s routine questions. But when she asks the reason for your visit, you simply say that you want to ask the pediatrician about a new remedy for your son. You don’t divulge any more information. The last thing you want is for her to say something to the doctor before you even get a chance to approach the topic. 

When the medical assistant leaves the room and closes the door behind her, your anxiety finally kicks into full gear. Your palms are sweaty. The room feels toasty. You’re fidgety and restless. 

You want so badly for this to be over, but you also fear the devastation you’ll feel if you don’t get the approval you’re hoping for. What if the pediatrician actually says no? What if your friend is right? What if your son has to take pills for the rest of his life?

The conversation with your doctor

As soon as the pediatrician walks into the examining room, your cramp sharpens, and your body tenses. You try to play off your nervousness by smiling and asking the doctor about his family and kids while he completes his routine checks on your son.

But once the small talk is over and the examination is done, the inevitable happens. Your son’s doctor asks about the reason for your visit. Before you can give yourself any room to back out, you tell the doctor that you want to talk about CBD. 

You tell him that you heard CBD could have a positive impact on your son’s quality of life and that you want to know if your son can take the remedy. You even offer to let the doctor monitor your son’s health and blood while he’s using CBD. You want to make sure the remedy works, too. 

When you finish talking, the doctor does something you don’t expect. He smiles. Then, he tells you that he’d love for your son to use CBD, and he’d be willing to monitor his progress. In fact, the pediatrician says your son is the perfect candidate for CBD because nothing else has worked for him. 

As you sit in total shock of the positive response, the pediatrician goes on to explain that he’s participating in a program that focuses on analyzing the efficacy of CBD. The doctor tells you that he needs case studies to showcase what CBD can do, and it would be wonderful if your son could help provide that. 

The transition to natural alternatives

Stunned, you sit there for a bit, unsure how to respond. Was it really that easy to get the pediatrician’s approval? After all your friend said, you can’t believe it. Your friend was wrong! You can’t wait to tell her that your son’s pediatrician said yes.

Ready to get started, you thank the doctor for his approval and tell him that you and your son would love to participate in this program. Nodding, the doctor gives you more information to reassure you of the program’s credibility before everything gets started. 

He tells you that the program vets every CBD company that signs up to ensure their products are legitimate, safe, and high-quality solutions. He also explains that the program is led by pharmaceutical leaders and not CBD business owners who would launch the program for self-serving reasons. 

You thank the doctor for all of the information before he hands you a bottle of professional-grade CBD oil. When you and your son walk out of the office, you smile and sigh in relief. Your son can finally stop taking pills, and you can tell your best friend that she was wrong all along. 

In fact, you might do one better than that. You’re going to tell your best friend to talk to her daughter’s pediatrician. Maybe your friend can convince the doctor to join the program. 

Do you know someone who’s afraid to approach their child’s pediatrician about CBD? Share this story with them ASAP to help them face their fears and use the remedy.


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