How Fitness Trainers Can Use CBD to Stay Energized and Achieve Client Health Goals

How Fitness Trainers Can Use CBD to Stay Energized and Achieve Client Health Goals

For the third week in a row, you wake up at four in the morning to meet your client who wants to work out before they have to go to work. When you get to the gym at your client’s apartment complex, you greet your client, walk through their health goals to remind them why they’re there, and immediately you listen to them complain about how sore they are from their previous workout with you. 

Trying to be optimistic, you explain that soreness is a part of the process and that it’ll eventually go away, and while your client nods in agreement, a part of you wonders if they’ll stop showing up to their workouts. That’s how you lost your last client. They canceled a training session because they were “too sore to move.” Then, they canceled another and another and another until you finally decided to pull the plug on the partnership. Hopefully, this client won’t be the same way.

Keeping a positive mind, you use the next hour to train your client. You walk them through an aerobic sequence, then finish the workout by doing some core work and weightlifting. When the session ends, you tell your client how great they did, encourage them to stay committed, remind them to focus on their diet to achieve their health goals, and finally, you say your goodbyes. 

By the time you get back home, it’s 6:30 in the morning. You finish a few things around the house before you start another busy, chaotic day that always begins with sales outreach. With your cup of coffee and protein shake in hand, you reach out to several people you recently met, follow up with prospective clients, and visit a couple of university clubs looking for busy professionals who need a flexible, results-driven fitness trainer. Then, at one in the afternoon, you head to your next hour-long training session. 

When you finish it, you go home to make something to eat before you start your next big task for the day: creating custom meal plans and workouts. You have a few new clients that are starting this week, and you need to create the perfect strategy that will achieve their health goals. You use the next three hours creating each one; then, you head to the gym to squeeze in a quick workout for yourself. 

Right after that, you drive to your next client’s training session, which starts at 6:30 in the evening. Once that’s over, you run to an apartment complex that’s down the street to lead a group class. Afterward, you make the trip to your next client’s house — which is forty-five minutes away — so you can train them in their basement gym. 

By the time you get home, it’s 11 at night and you still haven’t eaten dinner, showered, or returned all of your missed calls. Luckily, you meal prepped, so you eat dinner right away, but you still know you’re not going to get into bed until midnight, and you’re not going to fall asleep until around 12:30 in the morning. 

You’ll get about three and a half hours of sleep until you have to wake up at 4 a.m. to train your client who wants to work out before they go to work. Just thinking about what you have to do exhausts you. You have little to no energy anymore. You’re practically running on fumes. 

How CBD can increase your energy

When you get home after training your client at four in the morning, you decide to do something else before you start your sales outreach: look for a good energy source. 

You pull out your laptop and start researching for various remedies that could help until you stumble upon CBD, a solution you didn’t expect to see. Could CBD really help increase your energy? 

Curious, you read a few different articles and research studies to find out, and you learn that CBD does offer a good source of energy because of its interaction with your endocannabinoid system (ECS), a crucial network in your body that you’ve never heard of before. 

Diving deeper, you learn that your endocannabinoid system is responsible for maintaining balance in your body and affects certain functions like your mood, sleep, appetite, memory, pain, digestion, immune function, and much more. You also discover that your endocannabinoid system has various molecules, receptors, enzymes, and endogenous cannabinoids. 

One of those endogenous cannabinoids is anandamide, also known as the bliss molecule. It increases your energy and joy whenever it releases endorphins. And when CBD interacts with anandamide, it continually antagonizes the endogenous cannabinoid, forcing it to react and release those much-needed endorphins you need to increase your energy levels. Finally, you think you’ve found a solution to your problem. 

The CBD products that will increase energy

You continue reading articles and research to figure out what type of CBD product you should buy to increase your energy. You discover that you want one that has a high milligram of CBD, and you also learn that you need a product that has CBG, a cannabinoid that could potentially contribute to mental clarity and increased energy as well. 

You search for a product that has those cannabinoids. Then, you also decide to buy something for your clients: a CBD topical that will increase their recovery time. You purchase one for each client, unbothered by the amount of money that’s coming out of your bank account. All you want to do is achieve your client’s health goals. If that means you need to purchase a CBD topical for each one to decrease their soreness and motivate them to work out, then you have no problem doing so. 

The following week, when your products arrive, you start taking your new CBD oil immediately and notice a good boost of energy. When you give your clients their CBD topicals, you also notice that the number of complaints about soreness has dwindled significantly. 

The products you bought are achieving everything you wanted them to. Your CBD oil is giving you more energy to wake up early, tackle your tasks, and go about your day feeling alive and well — and your clients’ new CBD topicals are increasing their recovery time so they can show up to their workouts engaged and ready to accomplish their health goals. It’s a win-win all around, and you couldn’t be more excited. 

Do you want a CBD oil that has CBG and CBD in it? Check out Metabolize to increase your energy levels and attack your day with gusto!

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