The Different Types of CBD: A 101 Guide

The Different Types of CBD: A 101 Guide

From oils to edibles, creams, and capsules, there are many forms of CBD. For some, inhaling it through a vaporizer is the best option, while others prefer to hold it underneath their tongue. Every consumer is different.

However, for CBD to provide health benefits, it must absorb it into your bloodstream, regardless of the method you choose. While each consumption method eventually enters the bloodstream, it does so in various ways. Some techniques take longer than others while different processes lead to immediate results.

The type of CBD you choose will determine how effective the CBD product is in managing your health conditions, making it crucial to research and choose an effective delivery method. However, there are three different types of CBD products that are typically the best.

  1. CBD Oils 

CBD oils are designed for you to take sublingually, meaning you have to hold the oil underneath your tongue for a minute or longer. Typically, tinctures are oil-soluble, leading to a naturally hydrophobic remedy that runs away from water.

As a result, companies have to figure out a way to get oils through the skin barrier. Since your body is made mainly of water, sublingual intake is perhaps the fastest and most effective way to get CBD into your bloodstream.

The mucous membrane and a branch of blood vessels (capillaries) found underneath the tongue absorb the CBD oil to give the remedy a direct path into the bloodstream. Once there, the CBD oil travels through the body without being metabolized in the digestive system and filters through the liver.

It typically takes 10 to 15 minutes to feel the effects of CBD oil when you consume it sublingually. However, if after 15 minutes you still don’t feel the benefits of CBD, adding another drop or two may help. This delivery method also lasts as long as 4 to 6 hours at a time.

  1. CBD Edibles 

Tasty and therapeutic, CBD edibles offer a great way to enjoy the benefits of the hemp plant. These types of CBD products are perfect if it’s too uncomfortable to hold CBD underneath your tongue. 

Additionally, there are various forms of CBD edibles. Common ones include CBD chocolates, gummies, and cookies. However, you can always use Kat’s Naturals Activated Hemp to create your own CBD edibles.

This delivery method works by reaching the bloodstream through your digestive tract. When you consume a CBD edible, it’ll usually take 45-90 minutes for it to provide a therapeutic effect. But even though it takes a while to kick in, the results last for four to six hours.

  1. CBD Topicals

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Like a sponge, your skin is very porous, and it’s quite absorbent. While CBD hemp-infused topicals are very effective, it’s harder for them to enter the bloodstream. Because endocannabinoid receptors are found within the second layer of skin, using high-quality carrier agents helps deliver the CBD through the skin and into the bloodstream more thoroughly.

How to make different types of CBD 

To create different types of CBD, it all boils down to the carrier agents. Here at Kat’s Naturals, we focus our time and attention on producing high-quality CBD extracts, and using hemp seeds as a carrier agent is just one of the reasons our products are so consistent.

Hemp seeds contain several nutrients: magnesium, protein, zinc, and iron. In addition to these nutrients, we’ve found that cold pressing hemp seeds produce a great oil that we can use as a carrier agent. In fact, hemp seeds consist of about 30% oil and include high amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

However, there are many other ways to approach the extraction process as well. You can create oils, vaporizers, and topicals using various methods – it just boils down to how you extract the oil from the hemp plant and what you do with it afterward.

  1. Making CBD Oil 

As we mentioned before, CBD oils need an oil base. Most CBD oils are made with Hemp seed or MCT oil, while others use açaí oil, olive oil, sesame seed oil, and even safflower oil or glycerin, which we highly discourage.

Determining the potency of these can be tricky, but again, it all boils down to the carrier agents. The percentage of the carrier agent based on the percentage of your extract will determine your potency levels.

  1. Making CBD Edibles 

There are different ways to make CBD edibles. Like Kat’s Naturals, some companies use carrier oil and the whole hemp plant, including the nourishing material that sometimes gets lost during the production process. 

The most important thing brands must consider when making CBD edibles is the potency and consistency. These two things are hard to achieve. But the chocolatiers at Kat’s Naturals have developed a system that works. By melting the chocolate base and combining it with extracts from the hemp plant, the chocolatiers produce potent and consistent CBD edibles every time.

  1. Making CBD Topicals

Topicals with CBD hemp extract are very effective with the right carrier agent. You need a carrier agent to deliver the hemp extract onto and into the skin. Numerous types of carrier agents can penetrate the different layers of your skin.

But for the most part, topicals are only getting through the first two layers, which is where you find your receptors. We’ve found that emu oil is similar to our body’s natural oils, so it helps the skin absorb the topical faster so that you can feel its effects sooner.

Determining your preferred CBD delivery method

As the CBD industry continues to grow, it’s not only imperative to seek out reputable companies that take pride in producing high-quality CBD hemp extract products, but it’s also important to determine what it is you want to treat.

Before you purchase a CBD hemp extract product, there are three specific criteria you should consider to help you determine which delivery method is best for you:

  • The reason you want to consume the CBD hemp extract
  • The amount of time you’re willing to wait for the hemp extract to take effect
  • The length of time you need the effects to last

Once you’ve considered the above criteria, you can look at the different types of CBD and make an informed decision regarding the delivery method you prefer. For example, here’s how to decide whether you should move forward with CBD oils, edibles, or topicals.

  1. Should you use CBD oils? 

Sublingual intake is without a doubt the most common consumption method of CBD hemp extracts. It can be a great option for those who are experiencing long-term needs that impact their quality of life and prevent them from enjoying daily activities in and outside of the home. Sublingual intake is also convenient, fast, and easy to dose.

  1. Should you use CBD edibles? 

Edibles are a great way to encounter the therapeutic benefits of CBD. This delivery method is convenient and delicious. If you like gummies and chocolates, you’ll enjoy the taste of CBD edibles. And if you want something with a higher CBD content, you may find relief in CBD capsules.

Regardless of the edible you choose, this delivery method will provide some bang for your buck. CBD edibles are also easy to give to kids and older adults who may be wary of using CBD.

  1. Should you use CBD topicals? 

Topicals are great as an easy delivery method and a great alternative to other types of CBD. You may want to try a CBD topical if you’re experiencing joint or muscle pain, inflammation, or a skin condition. This particular delivery method is also an excellent way to introduce CBD to people who may be skeptical of it.

Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate 

Once you know the type of CBD product you want to use, your next step is simple. Determine whether you want full-spectrum CBD products, broad-spectrum CBD products, or CBD isolates. 

These are all different types of CBD remedies. And while each one interacts with your endocannabinoid system to deliver health benefits, they do carry some differences.

For example, full-spectrum products contain all of the compounds from the hemp plant, including trace amounts of THC. Similarly, broad-spectrum products have many of the compounds from the hemp plant. However, they usually don’t include any levels of THC, which is great if you want a drug-test safe remedy.

Because these two product types contain multiple cannabinoids and terpenes, they do unleash the entourage effect. But if you don’t need to experience that interaction, you may want to choose a CBD isolate. These products only contain CBD, so they’re drug-test safe. Additionally, they’re also great if you simply want to enjoy the benefits of CBD alone.

Make the right choice for your health 

You will consume CBD products differently depending on your specific health condition. However, regardless of the method you choose, you should feel confident in the decision you’re making by thinking about your preferences and needs beforehand.

You know the most effective delivery methods for CBD remedies, so now it’s time to spread the knowledge! Share this article with someone who might be wondering what type of CBD product they should buy.

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