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Add our Aqua Drops to your favorite drink and enjoy the fast and euphoric effects of a water soluble Delta-8 tincture!

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Aqua Drops are a water soluble Delta-8 tincture designed to be fast, effective and ready for your favorite cocktail, mocktail or even your morning coffee. Enjoy the affects of our water soluble Delta-8 tincture discreetly, or have a Delta-8 THC party! Host and drink responsibly, our water soluble Delta-8 THC Aqua Drops are potent, fast and effective.

What is Water Soluble?

Simply put, water soluble means “dissolves in water”—and as a result, is easily absorbed into the tissues of the body and metabolized more quickly than a fat-soluble tincture. The bioavailability of a water-soluble Delta-8 tincture means more efficiency and faster effectiveness.

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is a cannabinoid, and it’s one of many compounds that you see in the cannabis plant. Other cannabinoids include popular ones like CBD and Delta-9 THC, but these two are starting to share the spotlight with Delta-8 THC, for it’s fast acting, euphoric effects.

What is a Delta-8 tincture used for?

Delta-8 contains neuroprotective properties that may help reduce anxiety, pain, and nausea. It also produces psychotropic effects similar to delta-9, the primary form of THC in cannabis, but delta-8 is less potent.

How long do the effects of Delta-8 tincture last?

While there is no hard and fast answer about how long the effects of Delta-8 THC last, if you use a Delta-8 tincture, or  edible, its effects could last up to seven hours, with the peak occurring between 30 minutes and two and a half hours after taking it.  However, how long the effects of Delta-8 THC last depends on your gender, health conditions, age, and body type. These, and many other factors, are also considerations when thinking about how long Delta-8 THC will stay in your system.

Delta-8 THC Serving Size: Just like any cannabinoid, there’s no one-size-fits-all dosage of Delta-8 THC. But as a general rule, people can handle a little more Delta-8 THC than Delta-9 THC.
Users generally find they can take around twice as much of the cannabinoid. For example, if someone likes to take three milligrams of Delta-9 THC, they can probably handle six milligrams of Delta-8 THC.
However, as with any other cannabinoid, it’s always best to start low and closely monitor the effects. We recommend you wait around 45-90 minutes for the remedy to take full effect before increasing your dosage. It’s important to take it slow and steady.

Directions: Each drop is equal to 1 mg of Delta-8 THC. To find your perfect potency, add 3-5 drops to your favorite beverage and wait before adding more. Intoxicating effects may be delayed by 2+ hours. Consume responsibly.

Ingredients: Water, Water Soluble Delta-8, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

Includes trace amounts of THC.
Those with Peach and/or Almond allergies should exercise caution when consuming THC.
This product is not drug test safe.
Start with 1 gummy, wait 45 minutes and proceed with caution.
Do not operate heavy machinery after use.
Delta-8 products are intended for adults of legal age only.


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