Kat's Naturals Retail Locations In Georgia



Acworth – Herbal Intentions – 678-574-7400

Atlanta – Nuts ‘n Berries – 404-254-0330

Atlanta – Sevananda – 404-681-2831

Atlanta- Safiya’s Massage & Rehab – 404-781-9288

Atlanta – Vape Shop Near Me – 404-772-7699

Atlanta – Heat stretch and Massage – 678-754-2036

Atlanta – Caroles Collections – 404-589-0098

Atlanta – Crafthall – 770-403-9475

Atlanta – Network Chiropractic Center – 678-362-5289

Bowersville – Replacement Windows and Doors – 706-961-5098

Canton – Peaceful Place Therapy – 404-431-7637

Cartersville – Be Happy Company – 770-334-2618

Catersville – Nutrishack – 770-364-3918

Dalton – Earth’s Remedies – 706-671-2780

Dalton – Prima Care – 706-483-4773

Dalton – Shear Amazement Beauty Salon – 706-260-9486

Dahlonega – Dalonega Chiropractic Life Center – 706-344-7366

Doraville – Healing Waters Healing Fitness Center – 404-374-1924

Ellijay – New Ground Market – 706-455-3018

Fort Oglethorpe – Epic Vapors LLC – 706-419-8338

Griffin – Claxton Hobbs Pharmacy – 770-227-2428

Griffin – Penelope’s House – 678-858-3369

John’s Creek – Salon Verde – 770-843-1212

Lafayette – Ledford RX Express Pharmacy

Loganville – Royal Court – 770-318-2164

Marble Hill – Twist Consignment – 678-662-3454

Marietta – FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers – 770-792-7522

Marietta – Diabetic Soles, INC – 404-337-5542

Ringold – Timeless Spa – 423-785-6905

Snellville – Leobudan.com

Snellville – Accusonograms, inc. – 770-855-7942

Sugar Hill – Juices Wild Vitamin & Juice Bar – (687) 824-3071

Thomaston – Moxie Jane Organics – 678-516-9373

Tunnel Hill – Janet T Rochton, LLC – 706-519-0200

Tybee Island – Beach View B&B 

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Your therapeutic relief is just steps away. Whether you want to alleviate stress, soothe pain, or increase energy, Kat’s Naturals has you covered. From sublinguals to topicals to edibles and vapes, you can encounter relief with any of Kat’s Naturals’ CBD products. Don’t wait to enjoy the quality of life that you’ve been dreaming about. Experience newfound comfort, peace, and energy today by buying our CBD in Georgia!


Hoping to find organic CBD in Georgia? Look no further — Kat’s Naturals provides organic CBD sublinguals, topicals, edibles, capsules, and vapes in Georgia. With so much selection, you have the opportunity to choose which of Kat’s Naturals’ products will best accomplish your health goals. All of Kat’s Naturals’ remedies can seamlessly integrate into your wellness regimen, so all you have to do is determine which CBD products you want to try. 


The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp-derived remedies, making CBD products completely legal. Because of this new law, you can legally buy CBD in Georgia as long as the products include no more than .3% THC. According to a recent TSA announcement, you can also legally fly with hemp-derived CBD products. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the CBD industry is still waiting for federal guidelines and regulations, which means CBD isn’t legal in every state. Consequently, Kat’s Naturals only sells hemp-derived CBD products in participating areas, including Georgia.


Researchers are still exploring CBD, but so far, studies suggest that it has several benefits, including the following: 

  1. CBD may soothe pain

In a recent study, scientists injected rats with CBD and discovered that it decreased their pain response to surgical incision. Another study also suggests that oral CBD treatment significantly reduces sciatic nerve pain and inflammation.

However, research isn’t limited to animal studies. Scientists also suggest that a combination of CBD and THC can help soothe pain in humans that have multiple sclerosis and arthritis

  1. CBD may alleviate stress

Many people rely on CBD to provide a sense of calm and peace in their lives. And studies suggest that this may be possible. In one study, researchers gave 57 men either oral CBD or a placebo 90 minutes before they had a public speaking test. After providing the remedies, the researchers discovered that 300 mg of CBD significantly reduced anxiety during the simulated test. 

  1. CBD may alleviate acne

Because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, researchers suggest that it may reduce sebum production, which is an oily secretion that the sebaceous glands in your skin make. 

In one particular study, researchers learned that CBD oil prevented the sebaceous gland cells from producing too much sebum. They also discovered that CBD provided anti-inflammatory actions and stopped pro-acne agents like inflammatory cytokines from activating.  

These are just a few in-depth examples of what researchers are learning about CBD. But with so much potential, many people are turning to CBD for an organic health option to achieve their wellness goals. To start your CBD journey, shop Kat’s Naturals’ CBD products in Georgia.  


The way you use CBD will come down to personal preference. With Kat’s Naturals, you have the option to use CBD sublinguals, topicals, capsules, edibles, or vapes. And this wide variety will allow you to explore the best CBD products for you. 

Once you determine which CBD remedies you want to buy, the next step is to follow the quick and easy instructions on the product label. At Kat’s Naturals, we provide simple steps to ensure you get the most out of every CBD use. We even provide dosage recommendations to help guide you. 

However, the serving sizes that we suggest do provide some wiggle room for you to experiment with. Ultimately, the best CBD dosage for you will depend on a number of factors, including your environment, weight, genetics, metabolism, and your purpose for using the remedy.  

When you buy CBD in Georgia, we recommend starting with the smallest dosage and increasing it based on your experience. If you feel relief with a small serving size, continue to use that amount. However, if you’d like to experience more comfort, you can increase your dose. 

Studies also suggest that you should increase your serving size every 3-4 weeks to process how your current serving size is impacting you. We also encourage you to write down how each CBD dose affects you so that you know what’s best. 

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