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Potent and effective, our product line is created specifically for those who need or offer professional relief. Our Professional CBD products interact with your endocannabinoid system to ensure you encounter optimal relief and an enhanced quality of life. For on-the-go organic remedies that provide the nourishing properties of hemp, shop our Professional CBD remedies that include all-natural ingredients.


Professional CBD - Frequently Asked Questions

Created for maximum absorption, we formulated these hemp extract capsules to provide the same ease and control as other capsules. With 600 mg of CBD per container, our Professional CBD Capsules allow you to experience relief and an enhanced quality of life.

Our Professional CBD Capsules include growth cell oligopeptide. After hemp production, we added this component to ensure you encounter the best absorption rate of CBD. Growth cell oligopeptide also aids in the activation of cannabinoid receptors by acting as a ligand. 

What’s even better is that growth cell oligopeptide has the power to jumpstart satellite cells, which play a crucial role in helping you absorb close to 100% of the CBD without the help of THC. 

Our Professional CBD Capsules also include a host of other natural ingredients. We added humic and fulvic acid into our CBD production for this product. 

Both ingredients are natural, organic components of humus. However, fulvic acid is different because of its carbon and oxygen contents, acidity, color, molecular weight, and degree of polymerization.

Another ingredient that we added in our Professional CBD Capsules is BCAA. This nutrient consists of various essential amino acids that your body needs.

Our Professional CBD Capsules contain zero traces of THC. You can take a hemp extract capsule every day and not worry about ingesting the psychoactive cannabinoid.

Like all of our CBD products, you can use our Professional CBD Capsules on a daily basis. Just take one capsule in the morning. Then, enjoy your day.

For a convenient dose of CBD, use our high-strength Professional CBD Cream. It’s a simple click dose applicator that you can keep in your gym bag, purse, or travel bag!

Our Professional CBD Cream includes an abundance of nourishing ingredients to ensure you get the best remedy possible. During CBD production, we added the following ingredients:

  • Pluronic Lecithin Organogel: With an 80% transdermal penetration rate, this ingredient is used in the healthcare industry to help active ingredients seep through your skin. 
  • Emu Oil: This oil alleviates unwanted skin conditions and burns better than other plant-based products, including Aloe Vera and lavender oil. Many health care products use emu oil because of its natural therapeutic benefits. 
  • Arnica: Derived from the perennial Arnica, this nutrient is a reputable homeopathic remedy that provides relief and a boost in your quality of life. 
  • Lemongrass essential oil: An excellent tonic for the body, lemongrass essential oil tones and purifies the skin. It also contains terpenes such as neral, geraniol, and geranial.  
  • Lavender: This essential oil provides relief from occasional skin irritations. Known for decreasing anxiety, we used lavender oil because it encourages peace, great sleep, and reduces tension. 
  • Frankincense: With a wide array of benefits, frankincense is commonly known as the “King of Oils.” It has antibacterial properties and helps diminish the appearance of imperfections on your skin. Frankincense also promotes relaxation, peace, overall wellness, and satisfaction.

Similar to the Professional CBD Capsules, our cream is 100% THC-free.

Our Professional CBD Cream is safe and great for daily use. To use it, you should apply the cream every 2 to 4 hours, or speak with healthcare professionals for specific guidance. 

Our Professional CBD Cream is designed for topical use only. Please do not use it on open wounds and avoid contact with sensitive areas and your eyes.

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Professional CBD Capsules
One capsule per day
Professional CBD Cream
Geranial, Neral, and Geraniol
Lemongrass, Lavender, Frankincense, Arnica
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