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Corporate Responsibility


We at Kat’s Naturals believe that what you put into the world will directly affect what you take out. And how you share in the earth’s bounty will create sustainability for our future. We only source sustainably harvested organic ingredients so that the environment is affected in a positive way. We are working towards a zero-waste approach to our manufacturing; utilizing every part of the plant in a product or in composting so that we do not continue to over run land fills with needless waste. We recycle everything we can and try to use products that create as little waste as possible. We encourage you as the customer to also recycle our bottles/dropper (glass), lids (plastic), box (cardboard) and to use our packing peanuts (rice) in your compost.


We believe that as a business we don’t just receive but also give back. Kat’s Husband served in the army for 13 years and has directly benefited from the use of CBD.  As part of our pledge to be socially responsible we have chosen a charity that is close to our hearts. Operation Rally Point helps veterans to acclimate to civilian life through education and financial assistance and housing in the Atlanta, GA area.


We live and work in a small town in rural Tennessee. We are providing jobs in an economically suppressed area that is geographically isolated from well-paying jobs. 80% of our employees are now able to work close to home. The Hemp industry is a fast-growing industry that has the ability to continue to add well-paying jobs to more people in our area.

We are also working with local farms that are in need of a new crop to help sustain their families and allow for diversity. A lot of these farmers are coming from the declining tobacco industry and need a new source of income to allow for them to give their children a crop to farm into the future. We pay a fair price for the hemp, the extraction, the other ingredients we use; which may result in a higher priced end product to the consumer, but allows each person in the chain to thrive and keep the quality of our products high.  We understand that this can make it difficult for some to afford our products, but we are helping by creating a discount program for those on disability, fixed incomes and for veterans. * please see our discount program for details.