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Enter a state of deep relaxation with Kat's Naturals'  Zen CBN Gummies! Powerful and therapeutic, these organic CBN Gummies include 25 mg of CBN in each fruit flavored gummy. 

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Zen CBN Sleep Gummies 

Enter a state of deep relaxation with Kat’s Naturals’  Zen CBN Gummies! Powerful and therapeutic, these organic CBN Gummies include 25 mg of CBN in each fruit flavored gummy.  This perfect dose of pure CBN helps relax your mind and deepen your sleep so that you wake up refreshed, clear-headed, and well-rested every day. Our Zen CBN Gummies are THC free and drug-test safe, they’re easy to use, fast-acting, and effective. Use our Zen CBN gummies to help enrich your sleep, calm your mind and promote a positive wellbeing. 

What is CBN?

Similar to CBD and THC, CBN is another cannabinoid that’s quickly gaining popularity. Therapeutic and mildly psychoactive, CBN is created when THC decomposes. This compound is usually present in high levels of aged cannabis, and it connects to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain to provide a slight meditative effect. While researchers are still trying to understand this cannabinoid, some studies suggest a few therapeutic benefits. CBN reportedly offers neuroprotective, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. However, people also believe that CBN deepens sleep and promotes rest and relaxation. It’s a key ingredient in Kat’s Naturals’ Zen CBN Gummies, owing to its reported ability to help enhance sleep patterns so that you feel refreshed every morning. 


Tapioca Syrup, Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, CBN Distillate From American Grown Organic Hemp

Why these ingredients? 

CBN is drug test safe and offers a gentle sedative effect. We chose to use CBN in our gummies because they help promote a peaceful rest, without morning grogginess, so that you can wake up ready to take on your day. 

Is this prodcut drug test safe?

Yes, this product does not contain THC and is drug test safe.

Directions: Take one to two gummies as needed. If using for sleep, take about 30 minutes before bedtime.

Concentration: 25 mg of CBN per gummy, 750 mg of CBN per jar. 

Flavor: Fruit


Safe for daily use


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