Comfort CBD Oil for Pets

Give your pet optimal relief with Comfort! Designed with 1500 mg of CBD, this powerful pet care product will unlock the benefits of full spectrum hemp for your furry friend to experience. 

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Formulated with various terpenes and cannabinoids, Kat’s Naturals’ Comfort is a powerful full spectrum CBD for animals that offers optimal relief.

Crafted to unleash the entourage effect, this CBD for animals interacts with your pet’s endocannabinoid system to soothe multiple health concerns. Comfort includes MCT oil for increased fat-soluble absorption, ensuring your furry friend encounters the full benefits of each dose. For a potent full spectrum CBD for animals, purchase a bottle of Kat’s Naturals’ Comfort to start boosting your pet’s quality of life!  

How much CBD should you give your pets?

Similar to humans, every pet is different. The amount of CBD that you provide your pet will depend on various factors, including the condition you want to alleviate and your pet’s size. The best way to determine the perfect dose is to start small and follow the instructions on the CBD pet care product. Different remedies will have different instructions. For example, if you purchase Comfort, you should give your pet 2 drops for every 10 pounds of body weight. However, if you buy Pet Care, you should administer 5-8 drops to small pets and 12 drops to larger pets. After you give your furry friend an appropriate dose of CBD, wait for the formula to work to determine if you should provide a small or larger amount next time. 

Serving Size 

Currently, there isn’t a recommended serving size for CBD. Several variables can influence the amount of CBD that your pet should take. We recommend starting with the smallest serving size and increasing it based on your furry friend’s experience. If your pet feels relief with a smaller serving size, continue to use that amount. But if you’d like your pet to experience more relief, you can increase the serving size. We encourage you to write down how your pet’s CBD serving size is affecting them. This routine will provide insight into how different CBD serving sizes have helped your four-legged friend.

Comfort 1500 & 500 are a full spectrum formula blended with MCT oil with no added ingredients.
Our doses contain multiple hemp terpenes & cannabinoids including trace amounts of THC.

Note: Comfort 1500 and Comfort 500 contain trace amounts of THC, These amounts are 50 state compliant (legal) but pet owners looking for a THC-Free product should look at Rally or Pet Care.

Contains Trace Amount of THC

Safe for Daily Use

*Due to CDFA regulatory requirements (FAC 14281-14296) this product cannot be shipped to the state of California.


Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
CBD Per oz

1500mg, 500mg

Suggested Use

Suggested Use

Shake well before use. Give 2 drops per 10 pounds of body weight orally twice daily or as directed by a veterinary professional.

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