Organic CBD Vape Products

Crafted to provide relief while on the go, our organic CBD vape products are convenient and easy to use. You can carry your CBD vape products in your purse, travel, or workout bag and experience quick relief when you use it. Shop our CBD vape products if you want an organic CBD product that will enhance your quality of life as you go about your day.

Organic CBD Vape Products- Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD E-liquid?

With 300 mg of organic CBD, our CBD E-Liquid is perfect for on-the-go vaporization that you can use every day. Formulated to ensure you experience immediate relief from anxiety and stress, this E-Liquid used in your CBD vape pen will travel through your lungs and quickly enter your bloodstream to provide an effect.

What ingredients are in the CBD E-liquid?

This organic CBD E-liquid uses natural and organic  ingredients. We formulated our CBD E-Liquid with vegetable-based propylene glycol, organic vegetable glycerin, and organic American grown hemp.

What cannabinoids are in the CBD E-liquid?

Our CBD E-Liquid includes two  therapeutic cannabinoids such as CBD and CBDV. Their relieving properties include the following: 


Studies continue to show that CBD can decrease acne, pain, depression, and anxiety and increase heart health.


This cannabinoid can reportedly enhance bone growth and reduce nausea. Studies also indicate that CBDV has anti-epileptic and anticonvulsant properties that can help relieve epilepsy and other neurological conditions.

Is there any THC in the CBD E-liquid?

There are zero traces of THC in our CBD E-Liquid, making it a perfect remedy to put in your CBD vape pen if you want a product that’s drug test safe.

Are there any terpenes in the E-liquid?

Our CBD E-Liquid includes terpenes to enhance the alleviating effect of the cannabinoids. This organic CBD vape oil includes guaiol, nerolidol-trans, humulene, b-caryophyllene, and a-bisabolol.

What is an organic CBD Vape Pen?

Developed for single use only, this product includes the same nourishing and therapeutic ingredients as our other organic CBD vape products. Our customers report that our CBD Vape Pen provides quick relief and are easy and convenient to use.

What cannabinoids are in the organic CBD Vape Pen?

Each organic CBD Vape Pen includes 25 mg of CBD. The product doesn’t contain any other cannabinoids, allowing you to experience the full benefits of CBD alone.

Is there any THC in the organic CBD Vape Pen?

With 0.0% THC, this product is drug test safe.

What is the Palm Rechargeable Battery Unit?

This Palm Rechargeable Battery Unit comes with a USB charging cable, your selected color of vape battery, cartridge adaptors, and instructions to ensure you use this CBD product correctly.

How do you use the Palm Rechargeable Battery Unit?

Using this CBD product properly will ensure you get the best experience. When you want to use your Palm Rechargeable Battery Unit, inhale Kat’s Naturals organic CBD E-liquid and hold your breath for 5 seconds.

You can use this organic CBD vape product up to five times every 2 hours. But you should start with less to see if you need to increase your dosage.

Our educational video goes more in-depth on how to vape CBD correctly.

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