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From oils to edibles, creams, and capsules, there are many ways for you to consume CBD oil. For some, inhaling CBD oil  through a vaporizer is the best option while others prefer to hold CBD oil underneath their tongue. Every consumer is different.

However, for CBD oil to work, regardless of the method, you must absorb it into your bloodstream. While each consumption method eventually enters the bloodstream, it does so in various ways. Some techniques take longer than others while different processes lead to immediate results.

The delivery method you choose will determine how effective the CBD oil is in managing your health conditions, making it vital to do your due diligence in researching and choosing an effective delivery process.

Sublingual CBD Oil

CBD oil is designed for you to take sublingually, meaning you have to hold the CBD oil underneath your tongue for a minute or longer. Typically, CBD oil tinctures are oil-soluble, leading to a naturally hydrophobic remedy that runs away from water. As a result, companies have to figure out a way to get CBD oil through the skin barrier. Since our bodies are made mostly of water, sublingual intake is perhaps the fastest and most effective way to get CBD oil into the bloodstream.

Drug Test Safe Sublingual CBD Oil Products – Enjoy a THC free organic CBD oil sublingual to experience the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil, without the worry of failing a drug test.  Regardless of the THC free organic CBD oil sublingual that you choose, none of the ingredients in these organic CBD oil products will show up on a drug test. Our high-quality remedies provide vital nutrients that your body needs, and now, you can enjoy the restorative benefits of CBD oil without any worries or concerns.

  • THC Free CBD Sublingual Oil

    Heal CBD Oil

    A top-rated product among customers, Heal is Kat’s Naturals’ strongest THC free CBD sublingual oil with peppermint oil. Experience healing from the inside out with Heal! 


    Heal CBD Oil

  • Relax CBD Oil

    Encounter relaxation with a calming CBD sublingual oil that customers love. Soothing and therapeutic, Relax combines CBD with wild orange and hops essential oil to help relieve stress and tension.


    Relax CBD Oil

  • Naked CBD Oil

    Formulated to provide the therapeutic effects of CBD and CBDA, Naked is a potent product without peppermint oil. Perfect if you have allergies or food sensitivities, buy your bottle of this top-rated THC free CBD sublingual oil today!


    Naked CBD Oil



Full Spectrum Sublingual CBD Oil Products – Experience relief with a full spectrum organic CBD oil sublingual that provides all of the benefits of the hemp plant. Packed with cannabinoids and terpenes, each full spectrum organic CBD oil sublingual that we offer allows you to enjoy the entourage effect. With trace amounts of THC in each full spectrum organic CBD oil sublingual, our organic CBD oil products will give you the nutrients you need — without creating a psychoactive effect — so you can experience optimal relief.

  • Balance CBD Oil

    A therapeutic full spectrum CBD sublingual oil, Balance includes 750 mg of CBD to encourage harmony in your body. Use this customer favorite to experience hormonal balance and increased comfort.


    Balance CBD Oil

  • Full Spectrum CBD oil

    Restore CBD Oil

    With 1500 mg of CBD and peppermint oil, Restore promotes body restoration, clear breathing, and digestive health. Buy your bottle of Restore today for a potent and popular full spectrum CBD sublingual oil!


    Restore CBD Oil

  • Kat’s Craft Collection

    Kat’s Craft Collection uses all the naturally occurring compounds from the Tennessee-1 Hemp strain to jump-start the entourage effect. To experience the soothing benefits of hemp, try Kat’s Craft Collection today!


Vape CBD Oil

Vaporizers produce a vapor-like smoke that is inhaled and exhaled by the user. When inhaling CBD oil, you absorb it through tiny air sacs known as the alveoli, which is found on the walls of your lungs. The CBD oil then enters straight into the bloodstream and finally into the brain. The effect of this delivery method is felt instantaneously, lasting no longer than 2 to 3 hours, which may lead to more frequent vaping. However, the strength of the CBD oil will determine how quickly and for how long you feel its relieving effects.

CBD OIL Vape Products – Crafted to provide relief while on the go, our organic CBD oil vape products are convenient and easy to use. You can carry your organic CBD oil vape products in your purse, travel, or workout bag and experience quick relief when you use it. Shop our organic CBD oil vape products if you want an organic CBD oil product that will enhance your quality of life as you go about your day.

Topical CBD Creams

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. Like a sponge, our skin is very porous, and it’s quite absorbent. While CBD oil infused topicals are very effective, it’s harder for them to enter into the bloodstream. Because our receptors are found within the second layer of skin, using high-quality carrier agents helps deliver the CBD oil through the skin and into the bloodstream more thoroughly.

Topical CBD Oil Products – Infused with nourishing ingredients, essential oils, and vitamins, our organic CBD oil creams and topicals are an excellent addition to your everyday routine. Our hemp-derived organic CBD oil creams and topicals help alleviate pain and inflammation, allowing you to experience relief and a better quality of life. No matter which CBD oil topical you choose, our high-quality, organic CBD oil creams and topicals will provide the therapeutic effects that you seek from the hemp plant.

  • Arnica CBD Cream

    CBD Cream with Arnica packs 350 mg of CBD and essential oils that may help relieve pain in your hips, joints, and muscles. Encounter relaxation and comfort with this top-selling CBD topical today!


    Arnica CBD Cream

  • CBD Creams and Topicals

    Capsaicin CBD Cream

    Great at enhancing circulation in your body, CBD Cream with Capsaicin is a customer favorite! Use this CBD topical pre or post-workout to uplift and soothe your body. 


    Capsaicin CBD Cream

  • Professional Strength CBD Cream

    Put this potent THC free remedy in your gym bag, purse, or travel bag so that you have it while on the go! Great at relieving tension in your body, using Professional Strength CBD Cream may soothe your aches and pains.


CBD Oil For Pets

Cats and dogs do have an endocannabinoid system, and it is very similar to that of humans. Similar to humans, CBD oil has a lot of potential to help reduce anxiety in pets, especially situational anxiety.  Easing anxiety is not the only thing CBD oil can relieve in animals. Research on the efficacy of CBD oil in animals is still lacking, but there have been a few promising studies on whether CBD oil can be helpful for osteoarthritis and epilepsy in dogs.

Pet Care CBD Oil Products – Help your pet experience relief and a better quality of life with our organic CBD oil pet care products. Formulated with the guidance of a holistic veterinarian, our Master Herbalist created all of the organic CBD oil products in this line with high-quality ingredients that your pet needs. Give the gift of relief to your furry friend by purchasing our nourishing and enriching organic CBD oil pet care remedies today!

CBD Oil and Skin Care

CBD oil is taking the health and beauty world by storm. Some of us are understandably skeptical. But the studies below show that natural, CBD oil beauty products can potentially have a place in the skincare world. 

1. CBD oil upregulates melanogenesis

A recent study looked at whether CBD oil is effective at upregulating melanogenesis. Melanogenesis helps protect our skin from external stress (e.g., ultraviolet radiation and oxidative stress). By increasing melanin content, as well as increasing certain proteins, researchers found that CBD oil could potentially provide effective protection against external stressors. 

2. CBD oil may mitigate psoriasis

One study examined the efficacy of CBD oil as a potential treatment for psoriasis because it is known to be anti-inflammatory. Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition caused partly by epidermal keratinocyte hyperproliferation. However, researchers found that CBD oil can inhibit keratinocyte proliferation, making it a possible solution for psoriasis. Similarly, another study also concluded that because CBD oil could control keratins K6 and K16, it could also mitigate psoriasis and aid in healing wounds. 

3. CBD Oil can act as an anti-inflammatory agent

Acne is a pain. Many of us think that once our teen years are over, we can say goodbye to spotty skin forever. But, unfortunately, this is not the case for all of us. Acne can still pop up during adulthood and disrupt our quality of life. However, a study showed that CBD oil is useful in mitigating acne because it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces the amount of sebum produced by the skin.

4. CBD oil can decrease the effects of chronic pruritus

Chronic itchy skin (pruritus) is often resistant to therapy, but researchers wanted to see if CBD oil could help. After observing 22 patients with itchy skin, scientists noticed an 86.4% reduction in itch after participants applied a cream with CBD oil.

Natural, CBD oil beauty products are likely here to stay. But it’s important to remember that we all have different skin types. Each of us should research and spot-test a new product to make sure it is safe for our skin. Whether it’s a natural, CBD oil beauty product or not, it never hurts to do our due diligence.

CBD Oil Skin Care Products – Our organic CBD oil infused skin care line allows you to experience the alleviating benefits of hemp, essential oils, and other natural ingredients. Formulated with active ingredients that have a wide range of therapeutic benefits, our organic CBD oil beauty products are a great addition to your beauty routine. Our light and multifaceted organic CBD oil skin care remedies will help combat aging and enhance skin rejuvenation, allowing you to feel your best self.

  • Skin Serum with CBD

    Packed with organic nutrients, Skin Serum may help decrease signs of irritation, bacteria, and fatigue! For an all-natural addition to your beauty routine, buy Skin Serum today to start rejuvenating your skin.


    Skin Serum with CBD

  • Fhenix CBD Infused Face Mask

    Renew your skin with this all natural, nourishing sheet-mask. An organic addition to your beauty routine, this CBD infused Face Mask will help restore and brighten your appearance with every use. 

  • Fhenix Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream with CBD

    Revitalize the skin around your eyes with this potent CBD skincare cream. Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream combines nourishing ingredients to smooth your skin and reduce signs of aging so that you feel your best! 


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