Organic CBD Pet Care Products

  • CBD for dogs; CBD for Pets

    Comfort CBD Oil for Pets

    Give your pet optimal relief with Comfort! Designed with 1500 mg of CBD, this powerful pet care product will unlock the benefits of full spectrum hemp for your furry friend to experience. 


    Comfort CBD Oil for Pets

  • Rally CBD Oil for Pets

    Offering a precise entourage effect for your aging pet or four-legged friend with digestive or urinary tract issues, Rally combines CBD, CBG, and CBC to provide optimal relief. Give your pet a dose of Rally to start enhancing their quality of life!

  • Mend CBD Oil for Pet Ear Care

    Help soothe your pet’s ears by using a few drops of Mend! With 150 mg of CBD, Mend is a gentle but potent CBD pet care product that will help relieve your pet’s ear pain.

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With no additives or increased fillers, our organic CBD pet care products rely only on organic and natural nutrients.

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Working side-by-side with a local holistic vet, we rely on industry experts to produce the best, restorative organic CBD pet care products.

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Our organic CBD pet care products are created to address the most common concerns that pet owners have about their furry friends.

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Our organic CBD pet care products provide consistent, soothing effects so that pets experience newfound relief and have the best quality of life possible.

Offer love one paw print at a time

With Kat’s Naturals providing the formulations, Cannivore Pet Farmacy offers unique products that no other CBD company is producing. Our remedies are designed using organically grown and tested cannabinoids as well as other holistic ingredients to create the best organic CBD pet care products. We are an advocate and voice for animals. There’s nothing purer than the love that our pets give us. This mentality is why we formulate all of our pure products with pure love.

The dog who inspired it all

The day Magoo was diagnosed with the “big C” was the worst day imaginable for Bobbie Kwasnik, the owner of Cannivore, and her family. Magoo was their baby. When they learned the veterinarian found a tumor and recommended euthanasia, they called Jenn, their product formulator and Master Herbalist for help. She, along with a local holistic veterinarian, wanted to try other options, including CBD. 

 Through their efforts, Magoo was saved! Bobbie and her family were so thankful for the significant improvement that they wanted to spread the word and educate everyone, and that’s when Cannivore Pet Farmacy was born. Using Kat’s Naturals to supply the organic CBD products, Cannivore Pet Farmacy is here to provide cutting edge, top quality, and pure products for every pet’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend Comfort. For a small dog, we suggest 500 mg of CBD. For a large dog, we recommend 1,500 mg of CBD.

We suggest using Mend. It is specially formulated to help heal and protect your pet’s ears. It has 5 mg/ml of CBD with garlic and oregano oils to help with bacteria and discomfort.

Yes, we recommend Pet Care. It is a THC-free formula that has 10 mg/ml of CBD.

Yes, we recommend Rally. It is specially formulated to help aging dogs. 

No. CBD doesn’t require a prescription from your veterinarian. However, we do highly recommend letting your vet know all of the supplements your pet is taking, including their CBD oil. If you are looking for a holistically-minded veterinarian in your area, the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association is a great resource.

Cannivore Pet Farmacy only uses pure, high-quality ingredients with no additional fillers or additives. Our products are batch tested by an outside lab to ensure we use consistent, quality ingredients that are free from residual solvents, heavy metals, and other contaminants. We also provide a Certificate of Analysis so that you can rest assured that you are receiving the best organic CBD products for your pet. 


Our oils are also highly concentrated to provide the best results, and they are designed using dosage suggestions that are in line with current veterinary studies. Cannivore Pet Farmacy products are made in a certified human-grade facility and are GMP certified, vegan, and cruelty-free. Rally is also Kosher. We only use the highest quality hemp that is grown using organic practices.

Always consider quality over affordability when choosing the best CBD product for your pet. Finding a high-quality remedy with no additional fillers or additives is an absolute must. These additions can negate the benefits that your pet may receive from CBD, so high-quality oils are going to be the most effective method of delivery. 


We also recommend against the use of flavorings, even the ones that say natural. Brands can derive natural flavorings from practically anything. When you don’t know exactly what your pet is ingesting, it can cause issues, especially with allergies. It’s also important to ensure the CBD products you choose are GMP certified and made in a human-grade facility that is regularly monitored.

Yes. Pets can use organic CBD with most medications and supplements. However, if you have questions about a specific medication or have any concerns, please check with your healthcare professional. 

Cannivore products have recommended dosing directions on the side of the packaging. If you have specific questions, please email us at or speak with your healthcare provider. 

Cannivore Pet Farmacy has a product designed for your pet no matter how finicky your pet is or the reason you want to use it. 

Rally is designed for aging pets or those looking for higher concentrations of CBD, CBG, and CBC. All of our other organic CBD products are highly concentrated and will help with numerous concerns. 

For questions regarding your pet’s specific needs, you may contact our herbalist at or speak with your healthcare professional.

Yes. Organic CBD is safe for use at the recommended level of dosing and provides minimal side effects for most animals. If you have specific questions, please email us at or speak with your healthcare provider. 

As with any medication, side effects from organic CBD are possible but extremely rare. One of the most common CBD side effects for humans is drowsiness or sedation. The same side effects can happen in pets.

If your pet becomes too sleepy or sedated after their CBD dose, you may need to reduce the dose next time. Conversely, if your pet has trouble relaxing, then the sedation may be helpful.

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