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The Fhenix Skin Care line was created by Katherine “Kat” Merryfield, founder of the leading hemp and CBD products company known as Kat’s Naturals. Established in 2015, Kat’s Naturals is committed to being the most trusted name in natural wellness and use sustainable farming methods to harvest American grown organic hemp for its wide collection of CBD products. Fhenix is the industry’s first anti-aging skincare product, blending CBD with exotic essential oils and botanical stem cells. The CBD-infused Fhenix Skin Care line slows the aging process through a topical skin cream which utilizes 39 of the purest natural ingredients possible including things like lavender, rosehip, pumpkin, and carrot. As an educated herbalist and nutritionist, Kat is no stranger to creating organic farm-to-home remedies and has made it her life’s mission to craft natural CBD products that assist in skincare, general wellness, pet care, and daily life.

Before Fhenix, few beauty products offered complete skin rejuvenation without leaving the skin dry, brittle, and caked in chemicals. Other beauty products may have included CBD in their ingredients list, but none took advantage of all of its natural benefits. She dreamed of crafting an anti-aging skincare line designed for every color and complexion and that could help those who struggle with sensitive skin. Kat also desired to create a natural skin care product that would empower women to embrace their natural unhindered beauty, and feel confident in their own skin no matter what. So, she scoured the globe to find ingredients for a product that would not just freshen the skin but breathe new life into every pore so that it could radiate as its best natural self.

After 10 years of extensive research, development and trial use, the Fhenix Skin Care line was debuted to the world as a unique marriage between high-end beauty care and CBD skin health. The Fhenix brand was inspired by the Phoenix, a mythical bird known for its unique ability of rebirth. Kat selected the Phoenix because she deeply resonated with this creature’s powerful symbolism of triumphing over adversity. She hoped to inspire others not just through a great topical cream, but by showcasing the incredible power of a second chance.

The initial idea started small, as early versions of the handcrafted Fhenix Skin Care cream were shared between friends and family. Over time, popularity for Fhenix grew and what began as a clever idea for a naturally sourced facial cream blossomed into the skincare line that you see today. 

What makes Fhenix truly incredible is its method of using cannabidiol or CBD derived from hemp as a primary ingredient. Hemp contains high levels of essential fatty acids that are used in the body and are particularly important in maintaining healthy skin. CBD also serves as an excellent agent for soothing the skin and reducing redness. By harnessing the curative powers of CBD and natural ingredients pulled straight from the Earth, the Fhenix Skin Care line can reduce your skin’s bacterial levels, lock in moisture, and protect the fresh appearance of your skin. No matter your age or complexion, Fhenix Skin Care products are specially formulated to combat aging and keep your youthful glow, so that you can not only feel confident, but beautiful in your own skin. 



About Founder and Owner: Katherine “Kat” Merryfield

As an educated herbalist and nutritionist, Kat Merryfield cares about giving others the most organic products straight from her backyard in the Tennessee countryside. After a decade of crafting natural goods, she started creating farm-to-home remedies from CBD oil in 2015. Since then she has developed over 30 products that are CBD inclusive.