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Cannivore Pet Farmacy will be different than any other pet CBD company on the market. Our flagship product, is a unique formulation, that as of current no one else is producing. We have seen great results with testing and have customers knocking on our door asking for more. With production being provided by Kat’s Naturals and a team dedicated solely to the innovation of pet care, Cannivore Pet Farmacy will continue to release new products with only the highest quality ingredients. Our products are designed using organically grown and tested cannabinoids and other holistic ingredients to create the best product for your pets well-being.

Founder of Cannivore: Bobbie Kwasnik

Her successful career in pharmaceutical sales was cut short by a chronic case of Lyme disease. Thankfully, she has regained some quality of life through a variety of  ways including some meaningful benefits from Kat’s Naturals CBD products. As a result, she has been able to  spend time on a lifelong passion for animals and help found East Tennessee Alliance for Animals, a nonprofit rescue for dogs  Since its inception, thousands of dogs have been saved from an untimely death and placed with loving families.  Bobbie’s pursuit for the best care for all of her rescues, and hopefully a way to help fund them, lead to a deeper relationship with Kat’s Naturals and the birth of Cannivore Pet Farmacy. 

Cannivore Mascot: Magoo

Magoo was rescued from the middle of a busy street by Bobbie’s son. He ultimately became her husband Robert’s daily office mate and company mascot.  In late 2017, Magoo showed signs of pain. After a series of X-rays a veterinarian determined his lungs were filling with fluid due to a tumor and that the humane thing to do was put him down.  However, with the aid of a holistic vet who prescribed a strict, regimented diet, and the use of many herbal remedies, including CBD, Magoo began to improve. Magoo resumed his normal office schedule, continuing to charm anyone he came in contact with, and lived for almost another two years. We are proud to have him as our Mascot.