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Cannivore Pet Farmacy is different than any other pet CBD company on the market. Our flagship product is a unique formulation that as of current, no one else is producing. With production being provided by Kat’s Naturals, Cannivore Pet Farmacy will continue to release new products with only the highest quality ingredients. Our products are designed using organically grown and tested cannabinoids and other holistic ingredients to create the best product for your pets well-being.

Our goal is to help you be the advocate and voice for your animals and get them only the very best. There is nothing more pure than the love that our animals give us. This is why we formulate Pure Products for Pure Love.

Meet Magoo

The day Magoo was diagnosed with the “big C” was the worst day imaginable. Magoo was our baby. Our veterinarian found a tumor and recommended euthanasia. We then called Jenn, our formulator and Master Herbalist, and she along with a local holistic vet wanted to try other options, including CBD. Through their efforts Magoo was saved! We were so thankful for the significant improvement, that we wanted to spread the word and educate everyone and Cannivore Pet Farmacy was born. We are here to offer cutting edge, top quality, pure products for all of your pet’s needs. We formulate Pure Products for Pure Love.