Where to Buy CBD and Avoid Fake CBD Oil

Where to Buy CBD (and Avoid Fake CBD Oil) 

After researching all the potential benefits of CBD oil, you’ve finally decided to purchase some. Now, you just have to figure out where to go. 

You ask Siri to find the nearest places that sell CBD oil, and she pulls up a list with about twenty different options. Annoyed, you stare at your phone and wonder how you’re supposed to know which option is best.  

There are hemp dispensaries, marijuana dispensaries, natural health stores, CVS stores, and gas stations that all sell CBD oil. It looks like every place in the neighborhood is trying to get a slice of the CBD pie, and now, you don’t know where to go. 

Where fake CBD oil lingers

As you scroll through the list of options, you decide to cross one thing off your radar: gas stations. You know without a shadow of a doubt that you don’t want to buy CBD oil from a gas station. 

Your sister did that a couple of months ago, and she was less than thrilled when she turned on the news and found out her CBD oil was fake and contained synthetic ingredients. You still don’t know why your sister bought it from a gas station anyway. There are tons of news stories that talk about the dangers of buying fake CBD oil at any gas station that sells them. 

A quick Google search and you can pull up a handful of articles about a recent investigation into a local convenience store that sells terrible CBD products. Your sister should’ve known better, but she’s always been one to make impulse buying decisions. She never researches anything. Your sister just buys whatever product she thinks “looks interesting” and tries it without giving any thought to whether or not it might be a waste of money. 

Then, she has the nerve to call you and pout when the product doesn’t work. When she tried to do that with the fake CBD oil, you didn’t even bother to answer the phone. You told your sister not to buy it when you both went into the gas station, but your sister saw it lying on the checkout counter and thought it was “too cheap to pass up.” Now, she’s facing the consequences of that discounted price.

Where to buy quality CBD oil

You look at the rest of the options on the list that Siri pulled up and try to decide between dispensaries, a CVS store, and a few natural health stores that are down the street from you. You know where all of these places are even though you’ve never been to a dispensary before, and you’re not sure what to expect if you go into one. 

Will it be a normal shopping experience? Do you have to bring anything with you? Are the employees nice? Will there be quality brands to consider? Maybe you should try a CVS instead. You go there all the time for little things here and there. You even know the store manager. Plus, it’s walking distance from your house. But would the employees at a CVS store really know anything about CBD oil? You could ask the same questions about natural health stores. They sell tons of natural products, but do any of their employees specialize in CBD?

You toss your phone onto the desk in front of you and cross your arms. You finally want to buy CBD after spending weeks doing research, and you can’t even figure out where to go. 

How to narrow your options

Picking up your phone again, you look through your contacts to see if there’s anyone you can call. You scroll past the A’s, B’s, and C’s until you come across the name Diana. She’s your cousin. Why didn’t you think of her at first? Diana loves natural products, and she’s posted several things about CBD on her Instagram and Facebook. She can definitely tell you where to go. 

Excited, you click her number and listen to the phone ring. When your cousin answers, you explain your dilemma and ask if she can help you. You need to figure out where to buy CBD oil, and you’re unwilling to go anywhere that sells fake products or has uneducated employees. 

Noticing the frustration in your voice, your cousin tells you to calm down. She reassures you that everything will be alright like she always does whenever you have a meltdown. Then, she tells you that buying any CBD product always comes down to one thing: your reason for using it. 

You tell your cousin that you want to use CBD oil for a medical condition, one that you don’t feel like revealing because it’s still sinking in, so your cousin tells you to head to a hemp dispensary. That’s where you’ll find high-quality CBD oil, and she even recommends a few brands that you can try. 

You thank her for the suggestions, but ask your cousin why the CVS and natural health stores wouldn’t be good options. You assume they’d have good products as well; you’re just not sure if the employees are knowledgeable about CBD.

To your surprise, your cousin tells you that there’s nothing wrong with going to a CVS or natural health store. In fact, she goes there all the time, but it’s because she’s a generally healthy person who only uses CBD to enhance her quality of life. 

Places like CVS and natural health stores have low milligrams formulas, which is all she needs. But for someone like you, who is using CBD for a medical condition, a dispensary is best. It’ll have high milligram products that are tailored to your specific condition. 

Pleased with your cousin’s answer, you hang up the phone after promising to hang out soon. Then, you make your way to a hemp dispensary that’s .5 miles away. When you get inside, you speak with an employee, who knows more about CBD than you ever could’ve researched, then you buy your first bottle of CBD oil. 

Over the following weeks, you use the product morning and night and find out that it works like a gem. Going to a dispensary was the right decision for your needs, and you couldn’t be happier. 

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