How to Use CBD When Your Job Looks Down on It

How to Use CBD When Your Job Looks Down on It

You wake up in the morning, gut churning with anxiety. You have meetings all day, three looming deadlines, and that one mean coworker to deal with at work. You stare at the ceiling, wishing it was the weekend. Then, eventually, you drag yourself out of bed and prepare for your day. 

This is the routine. Wake up, stress, go to work, stress, steal a few hours of sleep, stress, repeat. Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted is just a part of life these days. You know other millennials are just as stressed as you. Just the other day, you read an article that suggested 61% of millennials feel pressured to work very long hours, and 45% are scared of losing their jobs at any moment. 

When is it going to end? You ask yourself this question as you start to eat breakfast, a protein shake, and a cup of coffee. It is hardly enough food to keep you energized and awake. Miserable, you sigh and yawn as you start to wonder how you will survive until your lunch break. Time seems to move so slowly at work. The only thing that helps speed up the day is your CBD oil. 

Contemplating the consequences

Curious, you glance at the CBD tincture on your kitchen counter. You haven’t used it at work in a couple of weeks. You’ve been too afraid to, but your anxiety is so bad today. Should you pick it up? Should you bring it with you? What if your boss sees you use it? 

Unsure of what to do, you hesitate to grab your CBD oil. You pace back and forth, wondering about the consequences. You try to imagine your boss’s response. 

He’s going to flip out. You know it. Your boss always says that CBD is THC. He believes anyone who takes it will get high. But the idea of going to work without your CBD is crippling. Your anxiety will take over. You have to take it. 

Nodding to yourself, you grab your CBD oil off the kitchen counter and put it in your bag. You drink the rest of your protein shake, grab your coffee, and head to work. As you walk to the office, you try to plot the best ways to use your CBD without anyone seeing.  

Using CBD at work

You’ll have to be discreet. That’s your plan. You’ll have to be sneaky about your CBD use because of the stigma that’s attached to it. Even though CBD is becoming popular, not everyone—like your boss, for example—is as educated about the benefits and scientific research as you.

So, you get to the office, feeling like everyone knows your secret. Two hours pass and you realize that you’re still concerned about the little bottle in your bag. You can’t even focus on work. Taking a deep breath to calm your nerves, you pull out your CBD tincture and decide to take a few drops—out in the open, for everyone to see. 

You realize that hiding your CBD only makes your anxiety worse. You don’t need to feel ashamed, or like you’re doing something wrong—neither of which is true. You need to be confident, so you muscle up the courage to put six drops of CBD oil underneath your tongue. 

When a few minutes pass, you wait for the inevitable: judgment and ignorance. But after thirty minutes goes by, nothing happens. Work continues as usual, and you start working more efficiently, without the weight of secrecy in your bag. 

Confident, you wonder if the fear was in your head the whole time until finally, the shoe drops. That nasty coworker, the one who seems to take extreme pleasure in making your workday even harder, noticed you taking CBD earlier in the day. And he told your boss that it looked like you ingested something strange and inappropriate for work. 

Educate your employer

Your employer approaches you with a frown. You’re a model employee: you work hard, never complain about the extra hours expected of you, and you never take sick days. Your boss clearly hates to rock the boat, but he can’t allow the use of possible illegal substances in his workspace. 

The interaction starts off rather awkwardly. He asks you what you were doing, and what exactly you took. With a sigh, you pull out your CBD tincture. Your boss’s eyes widen as he reads the label: broad-spectrum CBD. 

You can see the reprimand coming. Your job is suddenly on the line. But before he can say anything, you launch into your explanation, the one you’ve been planning ever since you took your CBD to work. You say that CBD and marijuana are not the same things. You explain that your CBD is THC-free and that THC is the substance that would make you high. 

You tell your boss that broad-spectrum hemp extracts have no THC in them, while full-spectrum hemp extracts do contain THC. You explain that while a broad-spectrum extract contains cannabinoids and phytonutrients naturally found in the hemp plant, and delivers the benefits that you require, your CBD oil does not alter your ability to perform well at work, because you are not using any sort of drug. 

Focus on the facts

Despite your explanation, your boss still looks skeptical, so you find your CBD product online. Then, you show him the ingredients and product description. His frown finally starts to disappear, and he nods in understanding. The tension in your shoulders starts to release. 

He says he is okay with your use of CBD, especially if it helps you manage your stress and anxiety. You sigh with relief. In a society that values productivity over rest and recovery, you’re glad that your most effective coping mechanism is not forbidden in the workplace. 

What’s even better? Your boss asks where he can buy some too.

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