8 Senior Wellness Tips that Enhance Your Quality of Life

8 Senior Wellness Tips that Enhance Your Quality of Life

A focus on wellness is critical at any age, but it’s especially vital for seniors. As people grow older, health issues, such as chronic illness and physical ailments, are more likely to pop up, and it’s often harder to bounce back from these at a certain age. However, implementing healthy habits and a few senior wellness tips can help minimize the risks of compromised health later in life.

What is the current state of seniors’ health?

Consumers’ lifespans are increasing. This fact means people are surviving well into their 80s and some much older. However, many people start to neglect their health and wellness, leading to a compromised quality of life later on. The primary health struggles affecting seniors are chronic illnesses, falls, physical inactivity, and behavioral health. 

  1. Chronic illness 

Chronic disease is one of the leading causes of death amongst older adults. These diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis, are more likely to affect seniors. In fact, researchers have found that 80% of seniors have at least one chronic illness. 

  1. Falls

Falls are also common amongst older adults. Studies estimate that 25% of seniors fall annually, leading to severe injuries such as broken hips, head trauma, and even death. 

  1. Physical inactivity

The fear of falling can make seniors wary of movement, leading to a decline in physical activity. Unfortunately, modern human beings already lead very sedentary lives, and reducing physical activity can increase the risk of damage sustained to the body in case of a fall. A lack of movement, such as walking and regular exercise, can also cause other health conditions to worsen or develop. 

  1. Behavioral and mental health obstacles 

Behavioral and mental health problems can also develop later in life. They’re more common than people might think! Studies suggest that one in four seniors experience depression, anxiety, and alcohol abuse.

8 senior wellness tips to enhance your quality of life

While senior wellness tips won’t take away the risk of illness, they might help improve a senior’s quality of life in their older years. As a result, there are eight simple health tips that seniors can implement. 

1. Diet is key

The Standard American Diet is sadly full of unhealthy fat and sugary foods, which are not suitable for maintaining good health. It’s critical to focus on a diet rich in vegetables, meats, and fruit. 

The nutrients in these foods will help optimize seniors’ immune systems. Additionally, fruits and veggies contain antioxidants, which help protect cells. Alcohol consumption should also be limited. 

2. Don’t skip an annual physical

Regular examinations will help a senior’s doctor identify problems early, so they have less time to advance and become even more serious. If seniors have any concerns about their health, they shouldn’t be afraid to voice them!

3. Speak to a doctor about supplements

It’s always better to get nutrients from whole foods instead of pills, but the body does require more of certain nutrients as people age, such as calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6. Supplementation may therefore be necessary. 

But it’s always a good idea to speak with a doctor before starting supplements. This conversation will help seniors determine the best time to take them, whether they’re safe, and which brands offer the best supplements. 

4. Keep up to date with vaccines

If seniors are age 65 and older, they should speak to a doctor about getting a high-dose flu vaccine. The annual flu vaccine can reduce the risk of getting the flu by up to 60%. Additionally, there are vaccines to protect against pneumonia and meningitis. 

5. Don’t forget about your brain

Seniors know that it’s important to exercise their bodies, but it’s just as important to exercise their brain! Brain games are a great way to work the mind. Reading is also great for helping to maintain brain function as seniors get older. 

6. Make sleep a priority

Sleep is a vital part of maintaining health and wellness, yet it often falls by the wayside. Sleep helps strengthen the immune system, gives the cells time to repair, and sharpens the brain. 

Practicing good sleep hygiene is an excellent way to ensure that seniors wind down at night and sleep restfully. Good sleep hygiene includes staying away from cell phones and TVs for at least an hour before bed and maintaining a cool temperature in the bedroom. 

7. Exercise is important

Regular movement is an essential piece of the wellness puzzle. It helps with mobility, weight control, better sleep, and it typically boosts mood. Also, exercise doesn’t need to be a five-mile run. Depending on the person’s fitness level, movement can take the form of a brisk walk, stretching, yoga, or even a swim. 

8. Practice positivity

A positive outlook can help lower the risk of health conditions that are related to stress and inflammation. By focusing on the positive things in life, seniors can also boost their mood and enjoy the moment.

Why is CBD beneficial for seniors?

If seniors are looking for an extra wellness boost, CBD might also be a helpful addition to their wellness regimen. There are several touted benefits of CBD, many of which can be particularly helpful for seniors. 

  1. CBD for pain

CBD may decrease pain, which is often a chronic condition for seniors. CBD can accomplish this by reducing inflammation in the body. Studies suggest that a combination of CBD and THC are also helpful in treating pain caused by arthritis. 

  1. CBD for anxiety and depression 

CBD can provide relief for symptoms of anxiety and depression. This benefit is because CBD can act on the brain’s serotonin receptors, which regulate mood. 

  1. CBD for the brain

CBD also shows promise as a neuroprotector. One of the most heavily researched uses of CBD is its potential as a treatment for neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. 

  1. CBD for heart health

Lastly, CBD may be helpful for heart health. Research has shown that it might be able to lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is linked to an increased risk of both stroke and heart attack.

Tips for seniors who want to try CBD

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding CBD, making seniors hesitant to try the remedy. But if they’re curious, seniors can use the following tips to discover a CBD product that works best for them. 

  1. Try a sample

If seniors have these concerns and aren’t sure about committing to a CBD product, a good starting point is to simply try a sample. It’s a great way to see if CBD might be something seniors would like to incorporate into their lifestyle without committing to an entire bottle. 

  1. Find trustworthy brands and products

It’s also vital for seniors to check that the CBD they’re thinking of purchasing is a high-quality product. There are many simple ways to check whether a CBD company is trustworthy. 

But the most effective strategy is to look for a Certificate for Analysis (COA). Good CBD companies will have a Certificate of Analysis readily available to the public, detailing the tests conducted on their hemp. 

  1. Speak to customer service

People should always speak to someone at a CBD company to determine whether the brand truly understands CBD products. This senior wellness tip is as simple as getting in touch with customer service and asking for product recommendations for their specific needs. A reputable CBD company will eagerly provide seniors with any information they have. 

  1. Do research on the CBD company

Lastly, seniors should do further research on any CBD company they’re considering. There is an online resource called Remedy Review, which has tested several companies’ CBD products and posted detailed reports for consumers to view. Additionally, Trustpilot is also a great place to read testimonials and customer reviews.

Seniors can enhance their quality of life

Health issues will crop up as a result of aging. That’s an inevitable part of life. There is no magic pill that will eliminate the risk of illness as people get older. 

However, simple senior wellness tips can have a huge impact on seniors’ quality of life. Great habits like eating better, sleeping restfully, and exercising regularly can go a long way in helping seniors live longer, reduce stress, and stay healthy.

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