Should You Talk About CBD When Your Family or Friends Disapproves?

Should You Talk About CBD When Your Family or Friends Disapproves?

You pull into the parking lot of your favorite CBD store. Your mom is the passenger seat, rolling her eyes. Your grandpa is in the backseat, sighing and shaking his head as if he’s disappointed in you. They do this every time they come with you to the CBD store. 

You don’t know why you run errands with them anymore, especially on the days when you need to buy your CBD oil. They never go into the store with you, and they never say anything kind about your CBD use.

You told them last night that you needed to buy CBD while you all were out today. But of course, they went on their tangent about all the reasons CBD is wrong. 

Your mom explained her bad experience with THC. She re-told you the story about the time she got paranoid. And even when you reiterated that CBD and THC are not the same things, your mom still didn’t trust it. To her, CBD and THC are the same things, and your grandpa agrees. 

Trying to find a middle ground

During your conversation with your family last night, you asked if they would feel differently if you bought a CBD topical. You told them that a topical was similar to a cream; you simply rub it on your skin. You also explained that topicals don’t make you woozy or sleepy, two misconceptions your family enjoys to harp on.

Your mom and grandpa shrugged as if they were considering the idea. But as soon as you grabbed them a sample of CBD cream, your grandpa furrowed his brows.

Still, you unscrewed the cap and slowly reached for your grandpa’s hand, ready to give a demonstration. But the moment you touched his fingertips, your grandpa jolted back and snatched his hand out of yours. 

“What are you going to do with that?” he asked, wide-eyed. 

You told him that you wanted to put the CBD topical on his hand so that he could try it, but your grandpa shook his head profusely, outright rejecting the idea. Your mom laughed and told him he was right to disagree with you. 

The common critiques about CBD users

Now, you’re in the parking lot, ignoring the judgemental look in your mom and grandpa’s eyes. When you slide into a parking spot, you get out of the car without saying anything and head into the CBD store. 

Immediately, you see a group of friends talking to the store owner about a CBD tincture, one you previously used before you switched to another. The friends smile and nod as they listen to the benefits of CBD. Frustrated, you slump your shoulders and wish you could talk to your friends about CBD. They’re not like your family in the sense that they understand how CBD works. Your friends actually think CBD can enhance a person’s quality of life. But they believe that everyone who uses CBD is either a hippie, depressed, diagnosed with a medical condition, or your personal favorite, has difficulties coping with life unless they use drugs. As if that makes sense. 

Your friends use medications all the time to cope with certain conditions, but you don’t look down on them. Why do natural remedies have to get such a bad rep? As long as you’re not trying to escape reality, there should be no reason to judge your CBD usage. Right?

Sighing, you realize your friends will never even get a chance to judge you. You still haven’t told them about the CBD oil you take in the morning and nighttime, and you’re unsure if the conversation will ever come up. Between your friends and family, you don’t know who to talk to about CBD or how to approach the topic without ridicule.

How to talk about CBD with family and friends

You walk to the shelf where your CBD oil is, and then you grab the product. You head to the checkout counter where the store owner is looking at something on the computer screen. You two are the only ones in the store now. The group of friends has already left. 

“Did you find everything okay?” the store owner asks, smiling. 

As usual, you nod and say, “Yes, thank you.”

You notice the store owner continues to smile even though you frown and try to avoid eye contact. You know your family is in the car, watching you through the storefront’s glass windows. And you feel uncomfortable that your mom and grandpa are watching you purchase a product they hate. 

The store owner asks if everything is okay. He probably assumes you had a bad store experience. But to clarify, you tell the store owner that everything is fine. Then, you ask if he has any customers with family and friends who don’t like CBD. 

The store owner chuckles and nods like this is familiar territory. Then, he tells you there are four strategies that he recommends whenever his CBD customers have disapproving family and friends.  

1. Lean on positive CBD news stories 

The store owner tells you that friends and family members, especially the ones who are adults, typically trust the news. He cautions that some news stories can shine a bad light on CBD, especially with all of the fake products on the market. 

But he also tells you that there are positive news stories that the media is reporting on as well. He encourages you to find a few uplifting news stories about CBD for your family members to read or view, then see if their perception changes.  

2. Find good sources of online information

The store owner stresses the importance of finding good, reputable sources of CBD information to give your family and friends. He recommends two sites that have well-written and thoroughly researched articles: PubMed and Project CBD

He suggests that you go on these websites to find material that you can provide your family and friends. He says the resources will educate those closest to you on CBD and help them feel better about the cannabinoid. 

3. Recommend a conversation with a physician

Instead of being the sole source of information, the store owner recommends that you lean on other people for your friends and family to talk to about CBD. The store owner suggests that you start with a physician. He advises that you tell your family and friends to speak with their physicians about the CBD information that you provided.

4. Invite friends and family into a CBD store

The store owner also recommends other people that you can use as a resource: CBD store owners and employees. He says that while you and his other customers know a lot about CBD, sometimes it helps to hear the information from someone who’s in the industry and has a vast amount of knowledge as a result. 

The store owner even tells you that, oftentimes, there are other CBD customers in the store that your family and friends can talk to about CBD. He encourages you to use CBD customers as a resource because they can give more opinions on how CBD makes you feel.

It’s time to put strategies into action 

You thank the store owner for his suggestions and smile as you walk out of the store with your CBD oil in hand. You see your mom and grandpa eyeing you through the car windshield, and this time, their stares don’t bother you as much. 

While you know it will take time for your family and friends to shift their opinions on CBD, you place your happiness in the fact that you’re equipped with new strategies that might help inspire change. 

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