How to Improve Women’s Sexual Health and Wellness

When it comes to most topics, it’s easy for women to discuss them with family or friends. Things like mental health, spirituality, and international issues are all fair game because they’re topics that everyone is exposed to on a regular basis. But what’s not usually open for discussion is women’s sexual health and wellness.  

This topic is so taboo that women don’t just struggle to talk about it with their families. They also hesitate to open up to their female friends. Even at wine nights, when it’s easier to relax and say what’s on your mind, women’s sexual health and wellness doesn’t come up. And in some ways, it makes sense. 

From a young age, most girls are unequipped with the information they need to understand their bodies and how they’re developing. And vague phrases like “the birds and the bees” do their job in making sexual health G-rated, but they also prevent girls from learning how to openly talk about their sexual health and wellness. 

However, with so many problems impacting feminine care products, it’s essential for women to start discussing this more intimate aspect of their lives. Otherwise, they won’t know which remedies will benefit their body and sexual desires. 

A lack of regulation  

One of the biggest problems with women’s sexual health and wellness is that the products in this industry aren’t regulated. That’s a fact, even though research suggests that, on average, a woman will use between 12,000 and 16,000 tampons in her lifetime, and millions of women use pads and tampons on a monthly basis. 

The Food and Drug Administration classifies menstrual products as medical devices, which means there’s no legal requirement for companies to disclose what ingredients are in their tampons and pads. The agency only provides guidance to manufacturers and recommends showing a list of ingredients, including any chemicals, finishing agents, and additives. 

Additionally, the FDA recommends that companies provide a product analysis to showcase the risk of developing tissue reactions, vaginal injury, and infections. But again, it’s not required. Even worse, companies that produce menstrual products don’t have to test their remedies to ensure they’re safe. 

The toxins feminine care products 

Without strict FDA regulation, products for women’s sexual health and wellness can contain any ingredient, including chemicals. Pads, tampons, wipes, vaginal douche, lubrications, deodorants, and body sprays can all contain hazardous toxins, leading to frequent trips to the health center. 

Common chemicals in feminine care products include endocrine disruptors, reproductive toxins, carcinogens, and allergens. And these ingredients often lead to serious health concerns like reproductive problems, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, fibroids and endometriosis, diabetes, obesity, early onset of puberty, miscarriage, and poor maternal and infant health outcomes. 

Studies have even found harmful chemicals in today’s feminine care remedies. For example, a 2002 study discovered furans and dioxins in tampons and diapers. Both chemicals can damage the immune system and women’s reproductive health. Additionally, a 2020 study noticed toxic chemicals in a menstrual underwear brand. 

However, harmful toxins also extend to lubricants. Some of the most common ones contain bad ingredients like glycerin, parabens, citric acid, benzocaine, and petrochemical. Toxins like these easily lead to UTIs, yeast infections, burning, and itchiness. And they can also feel sticky before or after use.

What’s also troubling is that even if women find great products to use, which are usually incredibly expensive, insurance won’t them. Unfortunately, there are stories about women struggling to get insurance companies to cover products for their sexual health while their boyfriends receive coverage with little to no questions asked. 

Alternative remedies for women’s sexual health and wellness

 Kat’s Naturals has overcome these common problems by creating a line of women’s Sexual Health products that are PH balanced, scent free and packed full of powerful ingredients that balance hormones, increase energy while reducing stress, combat BV and yeast infections and condition and fortify the vaginal biome through every stage of our life. 

Discussing the issues around products for women’s sexual health and wellness won’t just prevent females from using bad remedies and suffering the consequences. It will also open up the door to discussing better solutions. 

CBD and Delta-8 THC might be the answers women need. These alternative remedies can benefit sexual health and wellness because they’re not only natural but therapeutic. 

For example, CBD helps relieve anxiety, which some women experience during sex. The cannabinoid also reduces pain, a common issue that prevents women from enjoying sexual intercourse. And CBD can soften the vaginal wall when it gets hard, increasing comfort. 

Additionally, Delta-8 THC connects to receptors in the cervix and vaginal lining to increase sexual pleasure and decrease pain without causing a psychoactive effect. It also deepens relaxation, which can help women loosen up and fully enjoy themselves. The other products on the market, like vaginal suppositories or messy CBD oils, can create a mess and make you feel less than sexy when you use them. As a woman, I wanted to overcome the problem of feeling like in order to enjoy pain free sex, you had to sacrifice  a pleasurable experience for unsightly products. KN Pleasure Pearls are designed to be tiny and discrete, but still pack a powerful pain-relieving punch while balancing your internal biome.  Our Personal lubricant is made with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to help condition sensitive skin, added probiotics to combat BV and yeast infections, and contains a vegetable based silicone alternative to provide enhanced sensation without the mess of oil based products. Our Libido gummies work by increasing energy levels, helping to manage a healthy stress response and balance our hormones-all the things women reported that keep them from fully enjoying sex.

Because of their benefits, KN Liberee’s CBD and Delta-8 THC products may be great alternatives to standard products for women’s sexual health and wellness.  

If you want premium CBD and Delta-8 THC remedies like our Pleasure Pearls, Supernova Libido Gummies, and Personal Lubricant click on the icons and begin your sexual Liberation today!

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