How to Get Your Child’s CBD Use Approved at School

How to Get Your Child’s CBD Use Approved at School


You have all the important information in hand. You spent all last night printing every good CBD article you could find. Now, it’s time to use them. 

You walk next to your daughter as you both head into her elementary school. You take your daughter to her fifth-grade class, then hug her goodbye and tell her you’ll see her after school as usual. 

Once your daughter goes inside her classroom, you pause, knowing what you have to do next: visit the nurse’s office. You clear your throat, push your shoulders back, and hold your head high. 

You’ve been preparing for this conversation all week. You already know what you’re going to say. There’s no need to be nervous. Nodding, you walk down the hall, turn a couple of corners, then head up a flight of stairs until you see the nurse’s office. 

You walk to the door and knock gently. When you hear someone tell you to come in, you put a smile on your face and open the door. Immediately, you say, “Hello, Mrs. Robbins. How are you?”

You and the nurse talk for a little bit; you catch each other up on your family, work, and life in general. You and the nurse already know each other. You’re very active in your daughter’s school, so you know most of the staff in the building. 

“So, what brought you in today,” Mrs. Robbins finally asks you. 

You pick up the papers on your lap, then place them on her desk. You ask Mrs. Robbins if she’s ever heard of CBD before, and she furrows her eyebrows, clearly in disgust.

Before you even hear her concerns, you launch into a helpful explanation of CBD and reference all of the articles you brought for the nurse to review. You walk through every single article, giving a brief overview of its purpose, to show the nurse the science and benefits of CBD. 

When you finally get done talking, Mrs. Robbins asks you, “Thank you for sharing all of this.” She clasps her hands together and places them on the desk. “But what do you want me to do with this information?”

You tell Mrs. Robbins that you’d like for her to give your daughter an afternoon dose of CBD. Your daughter takes CBD every morning and night, but she wants to take in the afternoon as well. You ask Mrs. Robbins if this is okay, and an awkward silence fills the room. Mrs. Robbins looks around for a little bit like she wants to deliver bad news but is nervous about your response. 

“Well, I appreciate you bringing me all of this information,” she says. “But… I’m not sure if I can give students CBD. While it seems beneficial, it still sounds illegal.”

It seems like a drug. That’s what you were afraid to hear. You knew there was a chance Mrs. Robbins would think CBD was harmful. Like most people, Mrs. Robbins probably thinks CBD and THC are the same things, and your research won’t change that. 

Knowing this conversation is a losing battle, you thank Mrs. Robbins for her time and walk out of her office in low spirits. When you step into the hallway, your face heats up from anger. You tighten your grip on the articles you brought, wrinkling the paper. You can’t believe all of your hard work has gone to waste. 


When you need another option


When you reach your car in the parking lot, you hear someone call out your name. You turn around to see one of your friends from PTA walking towards you. Taking your hand off the car door handle, you walk to your friend to meet her halfway. 

You give her a hug and ask why she’s at the school, and your friend tells you that she needs to speak with the school counselor. Afterward, she asks why you’re here, and you tell your friend you needed to speak with the school nurse to see if your daughter could take CBD at school. 

You tell your friend how the conversation went, and you explain how frustrated and discouraged you are. Placing a hand on your shoulder, your friend offers you a solution. She tells you to get a doctor’s note and show it to the principal; one of her friends did it last week, and it worked like a charm. 

Intrigued, you make an appointment with your daughter’s pediatrician as soon as you get into the car. You set the appointment for right after school and take your daughter to the doctor’s once you pick her up. 

When you’re in front of the doctor, you tell him everything that happened at the nurse’s office and explain the advice you received from a friend. Your daughter’s doctor, who is the only pediatrician in your suburb who encourages CBD use, agrees to write a doctor’s note.

Within seconds, you have his recommendation and signature and can walk out of his office confident and re-inspired. Now, it’s time for round two. 


A conversation with the school principal THC-Free Sublingual CBD Oil


A couple of days later, you’re in the principal’s office. You wait patiently in the reception area, praying that your meeting goes well. If it doesn’t, you’re not sure what to do next, but a second defeat would be a significant blow to your confidence. 

Tapping your finger on the doctor’s note that’s lying on your stack of articles, you look up once the principal opens the door to his office and says your name. The principal is one of the staff members who already knows you, so you both take a minute to catch each other up once you sit down in his office. 

Afterward, the principal asks, “So, what brought you in today?” It’s the same exact thing Mrs. Robbins asked you, and the similarity gives you a tinge of fear. What if the principal responds just like Mrs. Robbins did even though you have a doctor’s note?

You push your fear aside, trying not to focus on it. Then, you tell the principal the reason for your visit. You walk through what happened at the nurse’s office and explain that you’ve come back with a doctor’s note to better the situation. 

You hand the doctor’s note to the principal; your hands tremble, but you don’t think it’s noticeable. Once the principal reviews the note, he shrugs and says, “Yeah, this looks good. We’ll start using the CBD today.”

Shocked, your jaw drops. Who knew this conversation would be so easy? All you needed was a doctor’s note? The principal smiles, noticing your shock, and says, “My son takes CBD. He loves it.”

Relaxing your shoulders, you notice a wave of relief overcome you. Not only did you get the green light for your daughter to use CBD at school, but you also did it without facing any judgment or criticism. 

“I’ll tell Mrs. Robbins to go ahead and start using this,” the principal tells you before you both get up. 

You thank him for his time as he escorts you out of his office. A smile wraps around your face as soon as you’re in the receptionist area. You did it. You finally did it. Your daughter will get her dose of CBD every afternoon at school, and can’t help but feel over the moon as you walk back to your car. 


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