How to Fit CBD Into Your Morning Routine (As A Busy Parent)

How to Fit CBD Into Your Morning Routine (As A Busy Parent)

Your alarm screeches at 5:30 am. Your partner leaves for work in a short while, so you hop out of bed, head downstairs, and enjoy a quick cup of coffee with them. Once they leave, it’s time to get the kids up and ready for the day. 

You make sure your children shower, brush their teeth, put on a clean outfit, pack their bookbag, eat breakfast, and get to school on time. On top of that, you find a couple of hours to get ready for the day as well. 

But with all the commotion, you notice that you forgot to fit CBD into your morning routine. Unsurprisingly, CBD is often one of the last things you think about throughout the morning. Having to consider and coordinate so many different things makes you forget other priorities. 

Morning’s Are Always Busy for Parents

If you have babies at daycare, you stress about whether you’ve pumped enough milk for them or packed enough formula. You even think about diaper quantity and whether you should bring a change of clothes.

As a parent, you have to be on top of every little thing: Did everyone complete their homework? Is everyone’s agenda signed? Does everyone have what they need? Does everyone have clean clothes on? Did everyone brush their teeth?

The list doesn’t stop with getting your children organized and ready for school. You also have to think about after-school activities, and all the driving those tasks entail. On those days, you have to think about whether the kids have remembered their musical instruments, sports equipment, books, and more.  

It’s enough to run you ragged. Chaotic schedules like this can make CBD drop to the bottom of your priority pile. After all, a child who goes to school without their dose of CBD doesn’t seem like a big deal, but a child who forgets to brush their teeth is certainly frowned upon by teachers.

Fitting CBD into your family’s morning routine

Making sure your kids take their CBD seems like it will add to the craziness of your morning. There is always so much going on, and somewhere along the line, you know someone is going to forget their dose. 

But eventually, you learn a surefire way to combat this: prep the night before. You know some parents give their children immune boosters and multivitamins, so you decide to buy each of your kids their own special medicine cup. Every night, you fill the cups with the specific medicine for each child, including their dose of CBD. Then, you line up the different cups so that your kids can get their vitamins and CBD first thing in the morning. 

But a problem soon arises with your younger children. They don’t understand that they need to take their vitamins daily, and you quickly notice that they are missing doses. You realize that your system needs some tweaks. It works well for your older children, but the very young ones need a bit more help. 

Eventually, you start to give your little ones their dose of CBD with their breakfast. You watch them eat to make sure they actually take it, but once a routine is established, you see that you don’t need to watch them so intently anymore. Your children simply take their CBD and vitamins with their breakfast every morning. The system seems to work flawlessly… until one of your kids gets picky, and the rest follow suit. It’s time to get even more creative.

Get creative with your family’s CBD use

The idea comes to you one morning, as you pack some muffins into your kids’ lunches—baked goods!   

You do some research, and discover that many parents mix hemp flower into muffins, pancakes, and more! You also discover that you can dust off your MagicalButter machine, and extract CBD from the hemp flower to make butter. With your cooking appliances in hand, you make a fantastic CBD-infused butter that you then smear onto pancakes, and drizzle on top of baked goods. And the best part? Your suddenly fussy eaters have no idea!

Being a parent is a tough job. You wear multiple hats: you’re a chef, a cleaner, a chauffeur. And on top of that, you have to ensure your children eat well, perform at school, and participate in their after-school activities. All of this, combined with the overwhelming desire to please, can make you feel a lot of guilt and stress. 

However, by conquering this one task, by figuring out how to seamlessly incorporate CBD into your family’s morning routine, you take at least one annoying worry off your plate. In fact, when you wake up the next morning and grab your CBD-infused muffin before your kids get out of bed, you realize how much anxiety, stress, and chaos has been lifted. For once, your day starts off well. And as you continue throughout your morning and workday, you suddenly notice and appreciate that everything is less chaotic than usual. 

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