How CBD (And Other Treats) Can Make the Holidays Easier

How CBD (And Other Treats) Can Make the Holidays Easier

Why won’t she stop asking me the same questions? You pull up to a stoplight and turn around to look at the backseat. Your daughter is bouncing up and down, still rattling on about the same things. 

“What am I getting for Christmas?” she asks. “Why won’t you tell me?” Your daughter sighs deeply and throws her hands into the air. “Can you please tell me what I’m getting for Christmas? Please, please, please! How many presents am I getting?”

Your daughter clasps her hands together, begging you to give her hints, but still, you respond the same way you always do. “We have to wait to see what Santa brings you.”

“Well, does Santa even know what I want?” A panicked look spreads across your daughter’s face. “When can I go see him? When can I show him my Christmas list? Do you think I’m on Santa’s good list this year?

You hear the car behind you honk, so you turn back around to see the light is green. You don’t know how long you’ve been sitting there, but you hate that you can’t focus on the road because your daughter keeps asking you about Christmas. 

When things go from bad to worse

“When are we putting up the Christmas tree?” your daughter asks, louder. “And are we making cookies tonight? Do I get a stocking this year?”

You grip the steering wheel hard, getting more and more frustrated. You only have a short distance to travel between your daughter’s school and home, but the drive feels like hours. Plus, you’re starting to get a headache. 

“Can we see Santa today?” your daughter asks. You hear her kick the passenger seat in front of her as she starts to pout. “I need to see Santa today! Can I give him my Christmas list? Should I add more to my Christmas list, so you and dad know what to get me?”

You shake your head quietly, knowing if you open your mouth, you’ll yell something nasty. Honestly, you find it hard to handle this time of year. Your daughter’s fits happen more than usual when it’s the holiday season, but you know it’s not her fault. 

Your daughter doesn’t handle celebrations well. You know you can’t get mad at her. You have to stay calm, but it’s hard to do that when you’re so exhausted by your daughter’s endless questions, demands, and tantrums. 

Finding relief in organic CBD oil

By the time you pull into the garage, your daughter is having a full-fledged fit. She’s kicking the passenger seat, flailing her arms around, and crying hysterically. You try to stay calm as you tell your daughter to stop crying and get inside the house. But your daughter only listens to one demand. She walks into the house, but she doesn’t stop crying. 

Fuming, you rush into the kitchen and open the cupboard with all of your family’s vitamins, herbs, supplements, and essential oils. You look for your daughter’s CBD and bring it to her once you’ve found it. 

In the middle of your daughter’s sniffles and tears, you open her mouth and give her a few drops of CBD oil. Then, you tell your daughter to go to her room and not to come out until she calms down. 

About forty-five minutes later, your daughter finds you in the living room. Her face is no longer wet with tears. Your daughter finally looks relaxed and settled. Thankful, you sigh in relief. The CBD oil worked. 

How to make the holiday season more enjoyable

When your daughter climbs onto the couch and snuggles up beside you, you flip the TV station to Cartoon Network, her favorite channel. Afterward, you start to think about all the different ways you can make this holiday season more enjoyable for you, your daughter, and the rest of your family. 

First off, you know you need to be more proactive about giving your daughter her CBD. You put a few drops underneath her tongue every morning; you know how to remember that. But you don’t always remember to drop off a bottle of CBD oil at your daughter’s school, and you also have a habit of forgetting to give her CBD in the evening and nighttimes unless your daughter throws a fit. 

Reaching for your phone on the couch, you decide to set three alarms that will remind you to give your daughter CBD oil three times a day. She’ll get it every morning, afternoon, and night — and you’ll make sure to provide the school nurse with a bottle of CBD so your daughter can get her afternoon dose. 

Perfect. Now, what else can you do? You start to think through more ideas until you finally remember one of your friend’s Christmas traditions. Every December, your friend gets a clothesline, hangs tiny stockings on it, and numbers them one through twenty-four. Afterward, your friend writes a fun Christmas activity on twenty-four pieces of paper and drops each piece into a stocking. Then, every day leading up to Christmas, your friend grabs a piece of paper out of a stocking and tells her kids the activity of the day. 

You wonder if that could work for your daughter. A fun Christmas activity to do every day would give her a single thing to focus on after school. It would also distract your daughter from all of the questions and worries that run around in her head. Maybe your friend’s Christmas tradition could work. Curious, you decide to try it. 

Making the most of CBD and other solutions 

The next day, when your new alarm goes off at 7:15 a.m., you give your daughter her morning dose of CBD oil before you pack an unopened bottle for the school nurse. Once you drop your daughter off at school and give the CBD to the nurse, you get in the car and head to Hobby Lobby to get a clothesline, Christmas stockings, and green and red paper. 

When you get home, you scour Pinterest for fun Christmas activities until you find enough ideas to write down. Some are simple, like write Christmas cards, draw ten things that you’re thankful for, and decorate the Christmas tree. But others are bigger projects, like build a gingerbread house, that your daughter can tackle on winter break.

When you get everything planned and set up, you pick your daughter up from school. Your daughter gets into the car, calm and collected. You assume she got her afternoon dose of CBD, and you take heart, knowing your plan is already working. 

Excited, you don’t waste any time to unfold the rest of your idea. Before your daughter can ask one of her questions, you tell her that you have something fun planned for today and every day leading up to Christmas. 

When you get home, you tell your daughter to reach into the first stocking to find out what’s on the agenda. And once your daughter pulls out the paper, she reads the instructions. 

“Go see Santa.”

Instantly, a smile spreads across your daughter’s face before she runs upstairs to grab her Christmas list and flies back down the steps, ready to go. She doesn’t ask any questions. She doesn’t focus on anything except this moment. Finally, your daughter is content and happy, and you couldn’t be more pleased. 

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