Healthy Holiday Tips That Make Life Easier

Healthy Holiday Tips That Make Life Easier

Do your healthy eating plans go entirely out the window during the holidays? If so, you’re not alone! No matter how dedicated someone is to a healthier lifestyle, the holidays can pose a significant challenge due to the seemingly constant presence of delicious treats. That’s why you need healthy holiday tips to keep you on track. 

What are the consequences of eating unhealthily?

According to a 2016 study, the average American’s weight increases over Thanksgiving and Christmas. While the amount of weight is not terribly high (around one pound), the problem arises from the fact that most people are unlikely to lose that extra weight, which accumulates over time. 

Why do you feel stressed during the holidays?

In addition to the fact that you may want to indulge during the holidays to not miss out on the fun, many people also use food as a way to cope with the extra stress that inevitably comes with the holiday season.  

A survey suggests that a staggering 45% of Americans would rather skip holiday festivities altogether rather than deal with the stress that they bring. The main causes of holiday stress are a lack of time, budgetary woes, and the pressure to buy gifts. 

Some other common causes of holiday stress include:

  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Travel
  • In-laws
  • Taking vacation time
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Holiday stress can also take a severe mental toll, especially on people with anxiety, depression, and problems with addiction. As if this wasn’t bad enough, high-stress levels can also cause physical problems, such as insomnia, lack of energy, headaches, digestive upset, and changes in appetite. 

Why holidays are harder if you have children with a behavioral or neurological condition

If your child has a behavioral or neurological condition, the holidays can become even more challenging. 

As the founder of Kat’s Naturals, the holidays pose a unique challenge because my daughter has difficulty handling celebrations or changes in routine. For example, my daughter becomes increasingly wound up in the lead-up to Christmas, which eventually ends in a meltdown. 

Because she can’t control her emotions and behavior during the holidays, she usually experiences a punishment, which is stressful and frustrating for both her and me. 

If this story resonates with you, know that you are not alone and that other parents are struggling with holiday stress as well. 

Healthy holiday tips that you can use to stay at your best

During the holiday season, poor eating, stress, and children with behavioral or neurological conditions can take a toll on your mental health. But there are some healthy holiday tips you can try to better manage your stress levels during this time. 

1. Give CBD to the kids who need it

If your child has a behavioral or neurological condition and does better when CBD is a regular part of their routine, stick to that routine. Including CBD can be a helpful way to better manage their condition during the holiday season.

2. Don’t skip meals

Suppose you skip a meal with the intention of “saving” calories for a bigger meal later. When you do this, you set yourself up to overeat because you’re too hungry. If you don’t want to eat a full meal so you can enjoy another meal later, be sure to eat a filling snack (like some nuts, yogurt, or fruit) to tide you over.

3. Moderate your alcohol consumption

Alcohol is composed of empty calories, meaning it won’t provide any nutritional value. So, limiting your alcohol intake is a great way to be healthier during the holidays. Try to stick to water, tea, or seltzer instead. 

4. Take a walk

Walking after a meal has many benefits. It’s a good way to destress, it helps with digestion, and it’s a simple way to stay active if you’re too busy to go to the gym. Walking immediately after a meal is the best way to maximize these benefits.

5. Exercise

Working out during the holidays can be difficult, especially if you’re spending the holidays away from home. But exercise is a great way to maintain both physical and mental health, so try to incorporate it as much as you can. And it doesn’t need to be a 10-mile run alone. A spirited game of soccer with your family, for example, would be a great, fun exercise! 

6. Stick to a budget

Money can be a significant source of stress during the holidays. Travel expenses, food costs, and gifts all add up really quickly. To prevent getting overwhelmed, plan a budget that works for your household and stick to it. Planning where your money will go is an excellent way to avoid financial stress. 

7. Make plans in advance

While last-minute plans and spontaneity are typically fine, they can quickly lead to stress and anxiety during the holiday season. Make a list of what needs to be done. For example, map out when you’ll go grocery shopping, prepare meals, travel, and buy gifts. That way, you aren’t surprised or overwhelmed at the last minute. 

8. Set boundaries

Allow yourself to say, “No.” It can be challenging to turn down invitations, but doing too much during the holidays can quickly become stressful. Saying no is nothing to feel guilty about, and it’s a great way to protect your mental health during stressful periods. 

It’s possible to actually enjoy the holidays

For many people, the holidays are so stressful that they are not enjoyable. But by implementing some simple healthy holiday tips, you can reduce your stress levels so that you’re able to relax with loved ones.

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