How to Create Great Morning Routines for Kids

How to Create Great Morning Routines for Kids

Mornings can be chaotic, especially for parents. Not only do you have to get yourself ready for the day, but you also have to ensure your kids are awake, fed, and prepared for school before heading out the door. Doing this requires you to have great morning routines for kids and all of the natural remedies to help things flow better. And luckily, this article is will help you achieve just that. 

Why is it important to have great morning routines for kids?

Routine is an essential part of a child’s life. By building a routine for your children, you’re setting them up for success in their day, as well as teaching them how to create and maintain routines for the future. 

For example, there are four main benefits of having a morning routine for your kids:

  1. They won’t be late

Sticking to a morning routine will help to ensure that both you and your kids won’t be late. While this may not always pan out perfectly, it should help to make mornings significantly less stressful!

  1. Your kids will start the day with less stress 

The more topsy-turvy your mornings are, the more likely it is that your children will start the day off feeling stressed. By implementing a solid morning routine, both you and your kids will be less anxious and panicky in the morning. 

  1. Your kids will learn good habits

School years are very much focused on routine. By teaching your children the importance and value of a good routine at an early age, you’re preparing them to respect the routines they’ll have to abide by at school. This exercise will also help them with time management later in life.

  1. They will set personal goals

Consistent morning routines are more likely to lead to children who can manage their time. With a routine in place, kids wake up and know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. And they can set personal goals for themselves every morning. 

What should parents do to create great morning routines for kids?

Not everyone is their most efficient self in the morning — and this includes parents! So instead of waking up to disorder and not knowing what needs to be done, create a morning routine that will help everything run smoothly. For ideas, here are five tips that you can use to create great morning routines for kids. 

1. Don’t skip on sleep

Adults and children need enough sleep to thrive during the day. Children aged six to 13 need nine to 11 hours of sleep, while those aged 14 to 17 need eight to 10 hours a night. Based on this, try to figure out the best time for your kid to be in bed. 

Once you work that out, stick to it! If 9 pm is bedtime, 9 pm is bedtime. If you are consistent about when your kids go to bed and when they wake up, you’ll help to regulate their circadian rhythm, which will make it easier for them to fall asleep. Also, try to limit their access to screens for about an hour before bed, as these can easily affect sleep quality.

2. Think ahead

Are there tasks that you can do the night before to lighten the morning load? Whether it’s packing lunches, or figuring out outfits, try to do as much as possible the afternoon or evening before to help things run smoothly in the morning so you can leave the house on time. 

3. Start the day off on a good note

While waking up for school might not be the most fun thing your kid does, there are quick ways to make waking up more enjoyable. Try turning on your kid’s favorite music, connect with hugs or verbal praise, and ask them what they’re looking forward to that day. 

4. Breakfast of champions

For several years, marketers have made it seem like cereal is the best way to start the day, but it’s actually loaded with sugar, which only provides short bursts of energy. Choosing foods that will keep your kids full for a few hours is a better option, as is making sure they get some water before leaving home. 

A good breakfast consists of protein, healthy fats, and carbs. This meal might look like some healthy breakfast sausages paired with eggs and veggies. Or, if there isn’t enough time for a big breakfast, protein bars or yogurt with fruit are great grab-and-go options. 

5. Keep your cool

Yes, it can be incredibly frustrating trying to make sure everyone is ready and out the door on time in the morning. But yelling or pointing fingers doesn’t really achieve anything aside from raising everyone’s stress levels. Instead, try calmly explaining to your child why you need their help in starting the day off on a good note. 

Another useful way to start the day off on a good note is to make CBD a part of your kid’s morning routine. 

Should you include CBD in your kid’s morning routine?

Parents might be suspicious of introducing CBD because of the common misconception that it causes the same “high” that marijuana does. But CBD products don’t cause a psychoactive effect, especially because they can only contain 0.3% THC to be federally legal. 

Additionally, CBD products have a lot of benefits that can make morning routines for kids easier. For example, research suggests that CBD may be a potential complementary treatment for anxiety and autism. 

1. CBD for anxiety

While researchers need to dive deeper into CBD’s effects on anxiety in children, animal and human studies suggest that CBD might help reduce stress. One study on a 10-year-old showed that CBD oil improved both her anxiety and insomnia. 

2. CBD for autism

Several studies show that CBD might be useful for children with autism. In a study of 188 children ages five to 18 on the autistic spectrum, CBD helped improve seizures, rage attacks, and restlessness in most participants after one month. However, side effects such as fatigue and appetite changes were noted. 

How does CBD work in a kid’s body?

If you are interested in adding CBD to your child’s morning routine, it might be helpful to know what CBD does in the body once it’s consumed. 

Human beings all have an endocannabinoid system. And everyone has endocannabinoid receptors, which interact with compounds called cannabinoids from the hemp plant (such as CBD). 

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for keeping the body balanced. By influencing endocannabinoid receptors and facilitating the production of endocannabinoids, CBD helps the body achieve homeostasis. 

However, just because something seems promising for adults does not necessarily mean it is safe for children. 

Is CBD safe for kids?

According to the World Health Organization, CBD is generally safe. Typically, adverse reactions happen because of a user’s current medications. In addition, the WHO stated that CBD is not addictive. In children, research has shown that a maximum dose of 20mg per kilogram of body weight is safe.  

What types of CBD products are best for kids?

If you’ve decided that CBD is a great addition to your kid’s morning routine, the next step is to choose an appropriate CBD product. There are several options when it comes to choosing a CBD remedy for your child. Because kids can sometimes be picky, finding a palatable option is a good idea. 

  1. CBD oils 

CBD oils are the most widely available CBD product. They are easy to use because doses are simple to calculate, and the flavor can easily be disguised in your kid’s favorite morning drink. 

  1. CBD edibles

CBD edibles can taste just like candy, and the dose can decrease by simply cutting the edibles into smaller pieces. However, be sure to keep these products well out of reach from your kids to prevent any unsupervised consumption.  

  1. CBD topicals

CBD topicals are the most logical option for skin-related issues. They’re considered very safe because you don’t need to worry about the dosage. However, as with anything you put on your skin for the first time, be sure to do a patch test to make sure your child does not react to any of the ingredients in the topical. 

How can you incorporate CBD into your kid’s morning routine?

Once you decide which CBD product works best for your kid’s morning routine, the final step is to incorporate it. Luckily, it isn’t difficult or time-consuming to implement CBD into your kid’s morning routine. 

If your child is a bit older, an effective way to include CBD in their morning routine is to include it with their daily vitamins. All you’d have to do is confirm that they took it. 

With younger children, you have to be a bit more involved in the process and either watch them take the CBD or give it to them directly. Thankfully, children respond well to routine, so this will eventually become easier and easier. 

For children who don’t usually take vitamins or supplements, using hemp flower to bake a morning treat is likely the simplest route. For example, to prepare breakfast, you can bake some hemp flower into things your kids already eat in the morning, like muffins. 

Morning routines for kids are helpful for parents

Mornings can be incredibly stressful and frantic for parents, but by implementing great morning routines for kids, you can start to streamline the process of getting everyone ready to take on their day. Just make sure you create a good structure and include natural remedies like CBD to make things easier. 

Check out Kat’s Naturals’ organic and vegan CBD oils, edibles, and topicals. Each one is great for your kids!

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