The CBD Industry: Is the Hype the Real Deal? 

The CBD Industry: Is the Hype the Real Deal? 

Finally, it’s morning time. 

You wake up at 5 a.m., ready to prepare for the day. You push back your CBD sheets, rise from your CBD pillowcases, then head to the bathroom to get ready. 

In the background, a podcast episode by one of your favorite health and wellness gurus is playing. As you listen to it, you brush your teeth, wash your face, then prepare some bathwater so you can have a relaxing soak before work. 

You recently read an article about the benefits of taking morning baths. And being someone who’s always up-to-date on the latest health trends, you had to try it out. So far, it’s been working. 

Including CBD in your morning routine

When you notice the bathtub is almost full, you turn off the faucet, and then grab your CBD bath bomb. You drop it in the water, watch it explode into different shades of purple, then climb in and relax. This is by far your favorite part of the day. Taking a bath is always a treat for you, but doing it in the morning and with a CBD bath bomb is a win-win all around. 

After thirty minutes goes by and you feel calm and recentered, you get out of the bathtub and go to your closet to put on a nice outfit. In no time, you’re downstairs, ready to make breakfast.  

CBD industry product for energy

Instinctively, you grab all of the ingredients you need for your meal. Every single day, you have an egg-white omelet with a parfait on the side. You never switch it up — you don’t need to. With one meal, you get most of your vegetables, protein, fruits, nuts, and carbs for the day.

The only thing that’s recently changed about your breakfast routine is how you like your coffee. You usually prefer it straight black, no milk, sugar, or overly sweet creamer. But as of two months ago, you put 10 milligrams of CBD in your coffee every single morning. It’s yet another health trick you like to pull out of your toolbox. To say most of your health products come from the CBD industry is an understatement.

Using CBD at work  

Once you finish your breakfast, it’s time to head to work. You walk to your office, which is only 15 minutes away, then you sit down at your desk. As soon as you open your laptop, you check your email and calendar and realize you have a meeting in 20 minutes. It’s with your boss, who somehow has a habit of getting under your skin more often than you’d like. 

You already know your boss is going to say something that makes you upset, and the thought of it stresses you out. If you’re going to have a good meeting, you need to do something to keep your cool. Quickly, you reach for the bottle of CBD oil on the corner of your desk. You put ten drops underneath your tongue and wait for it to kick in. Within 15 minutes, you start to calm down. 

When it’s time for the meeting, you head inside the conference room begrudgingly and sit down with your boss. Before you can even ask how his morning is going, your boss starts right out and says there’s an urgent project for you to complete. The deadline is 5 p.m., and it’s for the company’s biggest client. Great. 

Managing work-related stress 

As soon as the meeting is over, you head to your desk, put on your headphones, and start on the project. You don’t take a lunch break. You don’t talk to coworkers. You don’t even take five minutes to check your phone or social media. 

The only thing you stop to do is take a few puffs of your CBD inhaler. This tight deadline is freaking you out, and your inhaler is the only thing that can keep you sane. 

But at 4 o’clock, your energy starts to wane. Frantic, you open the mini-fridge underneath your desk and notice you have one more CBD energy drink left. You snatch it, close the fridge, gulp down the drink, then continue to get to work. 

In an hour, you turn in the project. You do it on time. You don’t have to stress out anymore. Finally, you can go home. As you pack up your stuff, you grab a CBD snack off your desk and get a bottle of CBD water out of your mini-fridge. You finally notice that you’re starving and dehydrated, and you want to go home to make a bigger meal, but you have to stop at the CBD store first.

You’re out of CBD energy drinks, and you also need more CBD capsules to help you sleep. You can’t end your day without going to the store and getting what you need. Your whole health routine centers around CBD. It’s part of everything you do. It’s the latest health trend, and you’re all about it. Your hunger will have to wait. 

Should you buy every product in the CBD industry?

You leave the office and walk a few blocks until you reach the nearest CBD store. You walk in and say hello to the store manager, who knows you by name because you’re there every week. When you grab what you need and head to the checkout counter, the store manager asks how your day is going. 

You explain that it’s been stressful, but you admit that you’re okay because of all the CBD products you use. You tell the store manager that you have CBD pillowcases, CBD sheets, CBD bath bombs, CBD coffee, CBD oil, a CBD inhaler, CBD energy drinks, CBD snacks, CBD water, and CBD capsules. You explain that you use each product every single day because you want to be healthy, relaxed, and as calm as possible. 

When the store manager hears this, she furrows her brows and looks at you funny. To your surprise, she tells you it’s not necessary to take that much CBD in one day. In fact, the store owner explains that a fairly healthy person should only ingest 10-20 milligrams of CBD per day, not the hundreds of milligrams you’re probably consuming. 

Anything more than the recommended amount will waste your money and may hurt your liver. The store manager explains that your body can’t process an overwhelming amount of CBD, and it will dump out the cannabinoid to cope with the influx. Only someone with medical oversight may need to ingest more than 100 milligrams, and that amount can still be a lot if the person is taking other medications. 

How to pick the best products in the CBD industry

Before you can respond to the store manager’s surprising news, she tells you that a lot of the products in the CBD industry don’t have any medical benefits at all. CBD pillowcases? Not worth it. CBD sheets? Those aren’t better. CBD bath bombs? They rely on magnesium for their relaxing effect. CBD water? It’s not what you think — the CBD dissipates very quickly.  

By the time you swipe your debit card and pay for your products, you are disappointed and in disbelief. Is this store manager really telling you the truth? Why would all these brands sell CBD products if they didn’t work? Who is she to say that most of the products in the CBD industry are gimmicks? 

As if the store manager can read your mind, she gives you a sympathetic look and tells you that most companies in the CBD industry are just trying to make a couple of extra bucks. Because CBD is so popular, there are tons of brands that want to cash in, but it’s up to consumers like you to remember why you’re using the remedy and to do research before buying something. 

Speaking firmly, the store manager encourages you to only purchase CBD remedies that offer the benefits you need. Everything else is unnecessary and probably unbeneficial, and she apologizes on behalf of any CBD stores that might’ve misguided you; they should’ve known what products were worth advising someone to buy. 

Leaving the wrong CBD remedies behind

Unsure of what to say next — mainly because you feel betrayed and bamboozled — you nod your head and look at the bag of CBD products the store owner is reaching out to give you. Instead of grabbing it right away, you clear your throat and ask the store manager about her return policy. 

In your mind, while you need the CBD capsules to help you sleep, you don’t need the CBD energy drinks, and you want to know if you can get a full refund. Of course, the manager obliges, allowing you to walk out with only your CBD capsules in hand. And even though you still have a ton of CBD products at home, letting go of one of them is a good start to figuring out what you really need.

Know a friend or family member who likes using a lot of CBD products? Share this article with them so they can learn which ones are the most necessary for them! 

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