7 CBD Certifications Brands Should Have

7 CBD Certifications Brands Should Have

Everyone would like to be a little healthier. In fact, a recent survey found that over 93% of Americans want to eat healthily, with 75% of consumers claiming they’re willing to pay more for products that are all-natural and ethically sourced.

At Kat’s Naturals, we believe this trend is the result of enhanced awareness. More consumers are experiencing immunodeficiency diseases, fibromyalgia, inflammation, and a range of other conditions linked to poor diet. After decades of eating processed foods, people finally see the long-term consequences.

Research has found that over half of the food Americans eat is classified as “ultra-processed.” The United States is a nation where the average adult male is on the cusp of being medically obese, and health issues like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes proliferate thanks to poor metabolic health.

So in a bid to improve people’s futures, many consumers are getting back to real foods and looking for healthy alternatives to everyday products.

But this journey shouldn’t just stop at food. This kind of diligence can benefit every aspect of a consumer’s wellness routine. And when it comes to CBD, there are huge advantages to seeking products that are natural, organic, and ethically-sourced.

Not all CBD products are high-quality, though it’s a common misconception that they are. Some people assume that all CBD remedies are manufactured appropriately with decent ingredients, but this is often not the case.

If consumers want to ensure everything they’re taking is helpful and not accidentally harmful, they need to do a little bit of research.

Why it pays to find high-quality CBD products

When people look for a supplement, they expect it to enhance their dietary regime. The chances are, if they’re considering CBD, they’re already conscientious of what they’re putting into our bodies. Consequently, it makes sense that they’d want to use the best product possible, one that produces beneficial effects and gives them the most bang for their buck.

In the world of CBD, this means checking that the manufacturer has done their due diligence. Consumers need to ensure that brands are using the highest quality ingredients. And they also need to make sure that companies are formulating products properly, have a research background, and are using the same manufacturing process each time.

All of these factors are key to creating a consistent product. Without them, CBD brands run the risk of producing a remedy that changes every time they make it.

Why some companies don’t produce premium CBD

People need reliability and the same results for their health. But many CBD companies in the industry are so desperate to put out a product that they neglect key details. 

Numerous brands enter the market for a quick profit and blindly trust their co-packer or white label manufacturer to formulate organic, natural, and ethically-sourced remedies. But this approach makes it impossible to guarantee the quality of a product, especially if companies don’t do their due diligence to make sure their manufacturer uses GMP standards. 

The result is usually poorly-formulated, low-quality remedies and fly-by-night products that don’t give consumers the health benefits they seek. This failure inevitably costs companies customers in the long-run, but it also turns consumers off from CBD altogether.

So if people want to avoid bad experiences and reap the full benefits of taking CBD, they need to use high-quality products that can live up to their expectations. One of the best ways to do this is to look for certifications that guarantee a remedy is natural, organic, and ethically-sourced.

The certifications to look out for in CBD products 

If consumers want to guarantee the products they’re buying are healthy remedies, they need to look for certifications. Specifically, there are seven great certifications out there that can verify the quality of a product, and Kat’s Naturals has each of them.

1. State Certification

Currently, CBD products can’t become FDA approved, but CBD companies can request that an FDA inspector comes in. This process usually happens through the state and includes an inspection of a CBD manufacturer. 

If a company has this certification, all of the other people in that chain of custody also have it. For example, at Kat’s Naturals, we can only work with ingredient manufacturers that have their state’s certification. If they don’t have it, we turn them away even if they offer great prices. 

Other things to look for are the ServSafe and HACCP certifications. These documents are specific to edible manufacturers, and they prove that all of a company’s employees are trained in proper food handling. 

CBD brands like Kat’s Naturals that have these state certifications must get their facility, paperwork, and chain of custody checked every six months.

2. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

GMP certification is the next most important thing to look for in a CBD company. These regulations require manufacturers to ensure their products are pure, effective, and safe. Moreover, the certification also requires a manufacturer’s CBD remedies to be consistent so that consumers get the same results every time. 

3. Organic Certification

The hemp industry doesn’t allow final products to be certified as organic. But CBD companies can say their products “contain organic ingredients” provided 70% of ingredients have that stamp. For instance, at Kat’s Naturals, our products are 100% organic, but because they can’t be certified, they don’t have the proper stamp. 

Still, consumers can ask a CBD company to show them the organic certifications of their farms and ingredients. Both our farm and our ingredients carry the certified organic stamp, and we happily provide this paperwork to anybody who requests it.

4. Vegan Certification

If consumers want vegan CBD products, they should look for the Certified Vegan Logo. This stamp guarantees that a product is vegan and that manufacturers have not tested their remedies on animals. 

5. Women- and Minority-Owned Company Certification

Women- and minority-owned businesses have to pay to go through the certification process. So, if consumers want to support these businesses, it’s definitely worth looking for the stamp.

To be categorized as a minority-owned business, a company must be at least 51% owned and operated by a US citizen with a minority ethnic background. However, the classification of women-owned businesses is determined by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, which provides the WBENC Certification. Because our founder and CEO is a female, Kat’s Naturals has the women-owned company certification. 

6. Leaping Bunny Certification

This certification guarantees that no new animal tests occurred in the development of a product. The Leaping Bunny symbol is internationally recognized.

7. Members of Industry Organizations 

CBD manufacturers that really care about producing natural, organic, and ethically-sourced products will continue to educate themselves about the industry and work towards bettering it. For this reason, consumers need to find out if the CBD company they support is a member of relevant associations.

For example, we’re involved with the Hemp Industries Association, the Natural Products Association, the Tennessee Growers Coalition, the Medical Marijuana Physicians Association, and the NCIA just to name a few. These organizations keep manufacturers up to date on new legalities and certifications. They also provide education on the industry and help CBD companies connect with other people in the market, giving them access to the best sources of materials.

Take the time to research CBD companies

There really is a difference when it comes to CBD products. Sadly, not all are organic or ethically sourced, but there are many great natural products out there. Finding them just requires consumers to do their research and seek the right certifications. Once they know what to look for, finding wholesome, high-quality CBD products should be a breeze.

For more information on Kat’s Naturals, click here to see the list of our certifications. 

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