How to Throw an Unforgettable Cannabis Party

How to Throw an Unforgettable Cannabis Party

Someday, the 2020s might be remembered as the decade of the cannabis party. After appearing on the scene around 2018, cannabis parties have been growing in popularity ever since. You might have been invited to, or even attended, one already. But if you haven’t, then you might be wondering what exactly are cannabis parties.

Essentially, cannabis parties are like those Tupperware parties that people used to throw in the 1950s, but cannabis parties center around cannabis, not plastic containers. Cannabis parties allow you to see products you’re interested in buying, play games, and even try free samples.

In an age where much of today’s communication is confined to the internet, cannabis parties are a great way of getting together with other people. But they’re more than just social events. In fact, a well-run cannabis party offers huge benefits to its guests.

How Do Cannabis Parties Benefit Consumers?

The advantage of a cannabis party lies in its educational value. The people who run them act as representatives for the CBD products on display, enabling you to ask questions and receive informed answers.

In these intimate settings, you can obtain in-depth information about the CBD companies that formulate the products on display, discover how those CBD products work, and learn some of the science behind CBD. What’s better is that you can try free samples of CBD products to discover how you like their effects as most representatives come to the event with plenty of goodies and knowledge to make the cannabis party an excellent environment for sampling and learning.

Some parties feature products from multiple CBD brands, providing a great opportunity for you to learn more about the market as a whole. Other times, the cannabis party is brand-specific, allowing you to explore a CBD company’s entire range of products with a representative who knows each one comprehensively.

There are benefits to both types of parties, and if you have a passing interest in cannabis, you’ll gain a lot from attending one of the events. But if you have more than a passing interest in cannabis, you might want to throw a party of your own.

How to Throw Your Own Cannabis Party

Throwing a cannabis party might seem daunting, but it’s surprisingly easy. If you have a background in cannabis, are passionate about the plant, and can display the knowledge that would enable you to talk about CBD products, many companies will support you.

And if a company allows you to represent their brand, there are just five steps you need to follow to throw a successful event:

1. Become an official representative of a CBD company. 

The CBD brand should help with any necessary training. For example, at Kat’s Naturals, we send our representatives educational materials and a sample kit so they can learn about each product and all the brand-specific knowledge they’ll need.

2. Find the right location. 

You can throw a cannabis party almost anywhere. Ultimately, it depends upon the size of your group, the atmosphere you want to create, and the host’s preferences. Overall, you have to keep an open mind and be flexible.

If you want to host your own event but don’t have the space to do it, consider renting a room somewhere. Likewise, if a host invites you to have a cannabis party but doesn’t have a location in mind, maybe your living room can suffice. In our experience, living rooms are an excellent opportunity to create a relaxing atmosphere that guests can enjoy.

3. Determine the number of attendees you want to invite.

It’s best to keep your number of attendees to a maximum of 25. More than that might leave you feeling overwhelmed, and prevent guests from asking all of their questions unless you scale up your presentation and set up a projector for note-taking.

Of course, it still comes down to the host and the number of people they want to invite, but we believe ten attendees is an ideal number for a good cannabis party. Camaraderie naturally develops in an intimate setting, and guests can receive a lot of personal attention in a smaller gathering.

4. Advertise the party. 

Marketing can be as extensive or as simple as you wish, but it will ultimately depend upon the type of party you and the host are throwing. Some cannabis parties are for entire Facebook groups, which could require more advertising efforts to keep everyone updated. Others are for small gatherings of friends, which might only require a couple of texts to invite and remind everyone about the event.

The type of party you decide to throw will depend on the conversation you have the host and the strategies you want to use to grow your network. For instance, you might start by having a party for close friends, then offer a free product to a guest who agrees to host their own party and invite their friends and family. Initiatives like this are a great way to get started and then get more people involved,

5. Be prepared to take orders for products. 

As a representative, you will usually act as a wholesaler, meaning you can take orders at cannabis parties and place them with the company you’re working with.

It’s up to you whether you want to distribute the orders yourself or have them delivered straight to the customer. But the most important thing is to have all the material you need to place a few orders, which the CBD company you’re representing should provide.

What to Bring to a Cannabis Party

So now that you know the fundamentals of becoming a representative and setting up a cannabis party, you might feel more confident to throw one of your own. But before you do, you need to know what items to bring to the party. 

An event is nothing without a few great parties favors that increase engagement, create a fun atmosphere, and leave a lasting impression. If you want to have a good event, you need to bring four key items to ensure it’s a success:

1. Samples for all of your guests

Please ensure every attendee has an opportunity to try the CBD products you’re displaying. You should have samples that guests can try during the event and samples they can bring home with them. With so many misconceptions around CBD, you should expect people to want to confirm the education you’re providing by trying the samples you bring. 

2. A give-away game 

After providing educational material, play a game that helps your guests interact with each other. The game should be fun, lighthearted, and relate to the information you provided at the party. And the winners of the contest should get a free sample or an extra goodie bag. 

3. Creative edibles

A lot of people are interested in trying edibles, and a cannabis party is a great way to show them off. If the CBD company you’re representing offers activated hemp, make fun, tasty edibles for guests to try. However, if activated hemp isn’t an option for you, but chocolate edibles or gummies are, include those items on your party platters so that people can sample the products during and after the event. 

4. An invitation to the next party 

Increasing your connections can be as simple as asking your partygoers if anybody would be interested in hosting the next event. Remember, one of the keys to being a good representative is growing your network and engaging your customers, so you should make this a priority at every cannabis party you have. 

Plan Your Cannabis Party Today  

As more consumers seek events where they can mingle and learn about CBD and more ordinary people realize that they can host these events, cannabis parties will continue to grow in popularity.

If they appeal to you, it’s not too late to get involved. Throwing a cannabis party is simple. All it takes is a willingness to reach out to the CBD brand you want to represent and following the steps outlined in this article. 

Interested in throwing a cannabis party for Kat’s Naturals? If so, reach out to us today so we can get you set up with all of the products you’ll need to have a party that goes off without a hitch!

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