An Introduction to Kat of Kat’s Naturals

An Introduction to Kat of Kat’s Naturals

With the launch of Kat’s Naturals’ blog, our team decided to sit down with the CEO and founder Kat Merryfield.

Kat is committed to providing consistent and quality CBD hemp extract, as well as educational resources to ensure customers and consumers, make informed decisions regarding their health. During the interview, our team asked Kat to discuss where this passion came from and explain the company’s creation, growth, and future plans.  

  1. To give readers insight into your expertise, walk us through your background in the health and wellness industry.  

I graduated from Clayton College in 2006 with a natural health and nutrition degree with an emphasis in homeopathy. Afterward, I started developing herbal products and formulations, and sometimes I worked as a dietary consultant, but I primarily helped women learn their proper nutrient intake because most problems stem from not eating well.

During that time, I noticed a lot of available remedies produced inconsistent results because of harvesting techniques or peoples’ inability to follow through and stay committed to the treatment.

As a result, I transitioned out of consulting and into homesteading and decided to provide natural health and support for myself and my family. After a few years, we decided to move from our home in Atlanta to start a farm in Tennessee.

On our farm, we ethically raised and sold farm animals, dairy, vegetables, and taught classes in homesteading skills to give back to our community. We also built an off-grid home, choosing to live as close to nature as possible.  

During those initial years in Tennessee, I ended up hurting my back, and one of my farmhands gave me some CBD hemp extract oil. I had never heard of CBD hemp extract oil before, but my farmhand said, “It comes from Canada,” so I said, “Okay, I’ve heard of Canada. I know it’s not going to hurt me.” 

I put a couple of drops underneath my tongue and sat down to eat, waiting to feel relief. Then, when I got up my back pain was gone.

At first, I attributed the relief to resting — but later on, I took a few more drops of CBD hemp extract oil because my back started hurting again. After ten minutes, I realized CBD my pain was gone. I was floored! I had never seen a natural product work that effectively.

  1. What sparked your idea to create Kat’s Naturals?

After I discovered CBD hemp extract oil, I wanted more information. I looked for resources, but there wasn’t a lot of research on CBD hemp extract oil, especially four years ago when I was looking for information.

Instead, I found five companies that were in the CBD hemp extract space. I gave each company a call, eager for a response, but when I couldn’t get a hold of anyone, I filled out an application to become a wholesaler.

Six weeks later, I finally heard back from one of the companies I contacted. Their business imported raw product and wanted to educate others on how to formulate their own products. Interested in the opportunity, I decided to work with the company.

However, I made sure my remedies were 100% THC-free extract. We lived in the South, and I wanted to ensure my customers would be legally and morally alright with using my products. After formulating different product lines and researching the best dosages for various conditions, I wanted to see if others would experience what I did, so I shared samples for free with community members at the local farmers market.

I handed out the CBD hemp extract, asking everyone to come back to share their experience, and eventually, I got flooded with great testimonials. The responses were incredible. People with a wide range of needs experienced an increased quality of life.

When I heard these results, I knew I was onto something, so we continued this type of testing with ourselves and our community for two years. During that period, we learned how to work with the product — and in 2017, we branded ourselves as “Kat’s Naturals.” We developed a website and started to bring CBD hemp extract to more of our community.

  1. What is your company’s mission? How do you and your team live that mission out every day?  

Our mission is to provide the quality and consistency that was missing in the industry. We want to give customers quality CBD hemp extract that they can trust every single time.

When I first started in this industry, products were not consistent. Consumers would find benefits with one batch, then have them disappear with another. To prevent this inconsistency, we shipped a lot of products to third-party labs to have them analyzed and found that some of them didn’t even contain cannabidiol.

Product labels would indicate there were 300 milligrams of cannabidiol, but there was no trace of it in the product. This inconsistency and mislabeling is still evident today, so our team strives to create quality products that are effective each time.

  1. What are 2-3 specific values that you and your team live out every day?

We value positivity, family, and community. We have a very family-oriented culture at our company, and we want every customer to utilize our products and have an experience that inspires them to leave a testimonial.

We want to provide a place where people with chronic conditions can come to receive compassion, support, education, and a product that might offer relief.

  1. What are your most significant accomplishments thus far?

Our most significant business accomplishment would have to be establishing a company that doesn’t have any debt. This accomplishment brings stability and the understanding that we aren’t working under the gun of “we’ve got to pay the bank this month.” Corporate debt in the U.S. is higher than it’s ever been, so I think that’s a unique perspective that you don’t see a lot.

We’ve also built a company that focuses on hiring those in the community, rather than outsourcing and white-labeling the operation. We believe in trusting the members of our community to provide the passion and knowledge to run every aspect of Kat’s Naturals. I think what makes us unique is the organic love and growth we put into our company, which I don’t see in many other businesses.

I also take pride in running a certified women’s owned business. From this perspective I’m not just saying, “I’m Kat Merryfield, I own this company.” Instead, I went through the extra steps to prove to the world that I’m not a figurehead. I’m absolutely the owner of this company, and I enjoy sharing this with our customers.  

  1. What are your 2019 goals for the company?

Our primary 2019 business goal is to be the first B Corporation to prove that we care about the environment. We genuinely care about the community and sustainability of this industry, and we want to demonstrate that.

  1. What do you want to offer new and current customers who visit your blog?

We want to provide as much factual information as possible, based on case studies and medical research. We’d also like to give customers and consumers a peek into the culture of both the users and the retailers of CBD hemp extract.

  1. What can people expect from Kat’s Naturals in the near future?

We’re opening our first retail location in the Northwest! It’ll be in Vancouver, Washington, just across the river from Portland.

Have you tried telling someone about Kat’s Naturals? Share this article with them and let us do the talking for you! We promise to give them all the insight they need.

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