3 Herbs for Energy and Mental Clarity

It’s not easy to wake up in the morning with a boatload of energy. If you’ve had a long night or are dealing with stress, the next day can have a slow start. You may feel sluggish, drowsy, and irritable. Or, you may struggle to get out of bed, content with staying underneath the covers and hiding from all of your obligations. 

But because life never slows down, you have to get out of bed eventually, and you should have a healthy energy source that gets you going. For some people, that’s coffee. For others, that’s caffeinated tea or mushroom-based drinks. However, herbs for energy are an equally viable option, and you can combine them with any of the caffeinated drinks you already use. 

What are herbs? 

Herbs are plants, roots, leaves, bark, and flowers that offer aromatic, fragrant, and therapeutic properties for your health. When you want to experience the therapeutic benefits of herbs, you’ll need to use an herbal tincture. These concentrated mixtures contain herbs in their liquid form. 

A traditional medicine with multiple benefits, herbs have been around for a while. In fact, most people’s ancestors depended on herbs for their health and wellness, even believing the plants they relied on had a spirit. 

While today’s society is more fixated on modern medicine, herbal remedies still play a critical role in people’s lives. Across the world, you can find herbal tinctures at the center of different cultures, and it’s because these natural remedies are therapeutic and excellent at providing an energy boost.  

Are herbs safe to use? 

When it comes to putting something in your body, you need to know if it’s safe. Before you use herbs for energy, you may be wondering if these medicines will enhance your health and not hurt it. 

Luckily, herbs are extremely safe. In fact, every herbal remedy is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Herbal products, in particular, fall into a category called dietary supplements. This category doesn’t require brands to get the FDA’s approval to sell herbal medicine, but it does force them to follow strict guidelines. 

These guidelines help ensure that herbal supplements are free of contaminants, correctly labeled, and supported by research studies that hold up their potential benefits. 

What are the best herbs for energy and mental clarity? 

If you decide to use herbs for energy and mental clarity, there are a few go-to ones to have in your home. 

  1. Ginkgo biloba

The only surviving member of an ancient order of plants, ginkgo biloba is a tree that’s native in China, and people use it for various reasons. This herb is a powerful antioxidant that decreases inflammation, improves heart health, and, of course, increases brain function. 

Studies suggest that using ginkgo biloba can help increase mental performance and perceived well-being. And studies report that this herb is excellent at improving attention span, focus, and memory. 

  1. Eleuthero 

This herb is actually classified as an adaptogen, meaning it helps your body adapt to stress, whether it be environmental or physical. However, studies also indicate that this adaptogenic herb is great for the immune system and can improve learning and memory in elderly rats. Additionally, eleuthero can increase mental sharpness the same way coffee does. 

  1. Gotu Kola 

Highly regarded by yogis who use it to deepen their meditation, gotu kola has essential properties that help improve cognition and memory while promoting alertness. This herb is great at regulating neurotransmitters called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). By influencing their activity, gotu kola helps reduce anxiety and potentially decreases depression, insomnia, and chronic fatigue so that you operate at your best every day. 

Where can you get herbs for energy?

If you want to increase your energy levels, you need to find a product with ginkgo biloba, eleuthero, and gotu kola. Kat’s Naturals Clarity is an herbal tincture that has each of these herbs,  and it’s a great caffeine-free remedy that helps boost your energy and clear mental fog so that you function at your best. 

The best dose of herbal tinctures for energy 

Taking Kat’s Naturals Clarity is super simple. All you have to do is place one dropperful of this herbal tincture in a glass of juice or water and drink. You can also use Kat’s Naturals Clarity 1-3 times per day or as needed to give you a natural energy boost and mental clarity. 

Enhance your day with herbal tinctures

Using herbal tinctures for energy will be one of the best decisions you make to improve your day. Herbs for energy and focus are long-term natural solutions that enhance your mood, mental state, and performance. 

Even better, Kat’s Naturals Clarity combines well with Kat’s Naturals CBD oil called Metabolize. Together, these remedies unleash a potent burst of energy and focus that allows you to power through your day intentionally and healthfully. 

Try Kat’s Naturals Clarity and Kat’s Natural CBD oil called Metabolize to boost your energy and jumpstart your day!

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